Hi guys i am drinking horlicks and boost together ..what are u up to ..!

I like boost so much …and horlicks so much …i prefer it more then tea …wanna see pics …just look at it …


Do you mean boost energy drink?

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Yes it is mostly mixed with tea and milk…!!!

Oooo that sounds like an interesting combination!

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Yes it is…have u had ur breakfast. …what are u upto. .???

I am having my breakfast now- almond butter on toast!

Hey @far_cry0, how is it going? I’m familiar with Boost, but I don’t know what Horlicks is. It sounds like something out of Harry Potter lol, though I’ve never seen/read the Harry Potter movies/books.

It’s coming up on 7am here, and I’ve been up for about an hour now. I didn’t set my alarm, so I just slept in. All I’ve done is check out some things on my computer and had my coffee. I’m thinking about breakfast, just not sure what I want. I usually just have cereal, but today I might microwave a couple chimichangas from my freezer.

Are you doing anything fun today? I have to do some grocery shopping, and I’ll be going over my friend’s house to watch some football.

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I am at work :frowning:

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Work spooky work …!!!