Hi guys anybody up for chat..i am preety pissed up..?

Hi guys what are u up to… u guys are always inspiration to me…so common share what did u do something creative today…

I always try to be positive cuz u make me…


I bought some groceries. Are you still cooking @far_cry0?


i always try to be negative because that’s just how i roll lol.

howru doing @far_cry0, update me!

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Thanks @Tomasina … try to take some rest…
Thanks @Andrew … i am doing good on seroquel … lifes just empty for me…

I am still curious to know about sz research and upcoming medication…i want to work in a job someday and wanna get married some day… i root for medicine like min 101 and sep 856 hope they enables us to work and have meaningful relation with other in the society…


I wake up now…good morning :slight_smile:
Yesterday i hangd sum plants of the selling that i colord in black :slight_smile:
And today i gona clean my studio

ive personally stopped waiting for a miracle medication, if it comes it comes, in the meantime i do all i can to stay healthy and happy


Thanks dude that was a rad thinking…i must stop waiting for effective medication too… i am low functioning i do nothing life really sucks…!!!

Do u think u can recover @Andrew …i know i cant…


you need to stop thinking about what you can’t do and focus on what you can,y’know. sz takes the color out of life, what little ways can you put it back in y’know. im going to sleep now, catch u later!


Thanks for the advice gorrister…feel like i want to cry now…!!!


Don’t cry. Or cry and let it all out. :grin:You are a bright light on here. Your comments to me have seriously made my day and brought up my confidence to post on here. Not a lot of people can do that man.


i play heroes of the storm i dont want girlfriend or boyfriend or get married i just want to play video games


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