Hi everyone my name is james I need some help

I have this scary belief that I’ll be murdered going to the food pantry with my mom and grandma tommorow and Im scared staying up all night because of it.

I can guarantee that this wront happen

Yeah man @shellys12 is right.

Your mom and grandma most certainly will not hurt you.

The food pantry is a socialist service… they aren’t going to hurt you either.

Relax man. Face the fear and see it through. That way next time you won’t be afraid.

It’ll be fine james.

You will probably be safe with your mom and grandma. They won’t let anybody bother you. I’ve been to a few food pantries in my life. People go there to get food, not to cause trouble. I’ve went to one in the big city alone and no one bothered me. The workers at food pantries want to keep things safe, If someone bugs you they might even step in and help you.

Go with your mom and grandma but have an exit stratgedy worked out ahead of time. Have a plan with your mom and grandma so that if you get too scared or overwhelmed, then they will let you go sit in the car alone or with one if them. Or if things get too bad than maybe you and one of them could go outside to take a walk until you feel better. You will probably only be there for an hour or less.

Can you force yourself to go knowing that it will be a mere 60 minutes of your life? Can you steel yourself to be uncomfortable for a mere 60 minutes? Look at it like it’s a learning experience.

Delusions feel so real, but try to live your life as much as you can. Try to think that it is a feeling, not a fact. The world is a lot safer than we feel it is.

Yea its your grandma and mom your good. With people i trust i voice my sz thoughts usualy in joke format i find that it helps.

I would try hard to overcome this paranoid feeling. You don’t want to become a slave to your delusions.

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