Hi Chess 24! How are you doing?

Hi Chess how are you doing? I hear you are studying mathematics and hoping for a lecturing position at the Israeli university. I know intrusive thoughts can be hard to handle. I pray the best for you.
Take care,


Hello @see121 .
I am doing OK I guess.
My chances to be able to study at a university and work are slim to be honest.

But I will try.

I have nothing to lose.

What I can do for sure is study on my own, and that I will definitely do.


It’s all about trying. If you don’t even try, then you can’t say in hindsight that you did so.

"I’ll just give it a try
Won’t let good times pass me by
They’re all I’ve got

Got my sights on the stars
Won’t get that far
But I’ll try anyway"

Rush, “Best I Can”

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