Hi. Anyone available for chat?

Anyone available for chat?

Hi @Lowri how are you doing tonight?

I’m available, I’m suppose to be writing a page about my trauma but can’t help it but keep procrastinate… so what’s up what’s on your mind

I’m good I slept for 24 hours till twelve. Just been over my application to study social work and another for translating. Just also had shower really needed one. Hadn’t had one for eight days. How are you? What time is it where you are? What u doing?

Just doing applications for college. Meant to go and watch film later with mum and friend. Then go to see brother and his girlfriend later.

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I’m doing alright. Bad anxiety revolving around trauma memories right now. It’s almost 9pm here. Just watching a movie to distract myself.

What move r u watching?

Hello @Lowri how are you?

I’m good thanks. Just knitting a blanket? How are you? What u up to?

Ah cool.

I am not too bad this morning.

I am just on the phone with the helpline to see if they can help me decide whether to go back to work or not - I have been on hold for 8 mins

Hey, what’s up?

I was watching Suicide Squad, now I’m onto Silver Linings Playbook

You ok. Just knitting. Need to clear room and do dishes.

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I went for blood tests, early in the morning.
Few voices, but it’s ok. I will go to the field to dig holes for planting new olive trees

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Are the voices the only symptoms you get?

Now I have the usual matrix/truman ideas and voices. No negatives. You?


I have The Truman Show delusion as well. I feel I’ve become a giant social media spectacle again. It really is exhausting to keep up with.

What’s new with you?

I feel I’m the only real/original being in this fake world. It’s all a movie set. Even the sun is a lamp.
With a button, the director makes sun appear, clouds, rain or night.

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I don’t believe we’ve ever conversed, but I’ve followed your writings on this forum. You seem like a highly spiritual individual with a keen 6th sense about you.

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Yeah negatives no positives. Have you had negatives before?