Hi, about Prolactin

I talked to a doctor, showing him the stuff about my Prolactin side - effects, he said I was right but, not every-body got them - -

So, Prolactin can turn you into a pregnant woman, emotionally, according to doctors - -

Any-way, we talked for almost an hour, I asked him several times if it was like in the books and so on, he said yes and, I also recorded it on my phone, for posterity . . .

So, if you’re having the emotions of a pregnant woman on the drugs, that’s just natural - -

So, if you want to complain and, get better drugs, it’s possible - -

I’ve got over 50 articles or, University books saying this can happen, my own doctor agreed - -

Usually the thing to do is change medications. You seem to be putting a lot of emphasis on something many of us have dealt with. Yes. In extreme cases these things may happen. Yes. Usually changing medications makes the problem go away mostly.

I’ve missed it on your previous posts. Are you still on medication? If not I’d be worried about your obsessive nature on this subject. Are you currently seeing a psychiatrist??


I was forcibly admitted because I wrote them mails saying I was going to kill my-self, because they made me in a pregnant woman, in my feelings - -

I sent them the pages and, had taken some pills, 20 Clozapine, to kill my-self - -

I talked to a doctor yesterday and, he admitted the articles were correct - - But, not every-body complained about it . .

I didn’t like it, I started hearing voices to cope with it, in the end - -

I’m going to be a carpenter, to focus on other things, get some meaning in my days

You need to be in psychiatric care and on medications. Not all meds raise prolactin.

You didn’t answer my question but assuming your not on meds makes your quest a bit of a problem. You don’t recover from sz without the meds.

Personally I think I have Prolactin problem. It causes sexual dysfunction and I’m on it for several months already.

8 mg risperidone every night
10 mg haloperidol every night
2 mg trihexyphenidyl hydrocloride every morning
flupentixol decanoate 20mg/ml 1 ampoule of 1ml injection every month

no positive symptoms

disturbing negative symptoms

gonna report to pdoc next august 2019 20 tuesday

hope he reduces medication

I think risperidone causes my prolactin problem

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Vitex agnus castus help with prolactin

It’s a common problem with risperdal. I got off it and moved to zyprexa. Best move I ever made even after trying other meds way later. Talk to your shrink!

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Robert Whitaker, Harvard Medical journalist, has said fewer people recover on the drugs than, off them . . Meaning, if you do the drugs, I think 10 % get better but, if you don’t 30 % get better, naturally - - You can find him on youtube . .

He also says psychiatry has known dopamine chemical imbalance theory is wrong, normal people and, mental ill people have same dopamine, they just thought psychosis came from dopamine ( they block it, with drugs ) because amphetamines make people see things and, that greatly elevates dopamine, so dopamine was thought to cause psychosis . .

But, that’s for addicts, when people become delusional they don’t over-all have more brain dopamine, the disease isn’t there . .

IF the drugs cure psychosis, it’s not because blocking dopamine, Robert Whitaker interviewed Sinai Medical Center Lead Psychiatrist and, they said they knew that theory was wrong, back in 1985 - -

I’ve seen Robert Whitaker on youtube, his book is very popular and, well-received - –

My point is not to not see psychiatrist, my thinking is this, knowing the side - effects and, what they will do, with full knowledge, decide for your-self if you are happy, want medicine or, want a different dosage, you can talk to doctor about this, medicine is right for a lot of people, I know . …

You might wanna watch it with a nurse or, even doctor and, talk about it . . It’s good stuff - -

I asked my Pdoc last week about my prolactin. He says there’s no proven issue with it causing any problems.

No proven breast cancer

No proven brain tumours

My breasts are bigger but it’s no big deal, I’d prefer to have high prolactin than to be

If you have schizophrenia you most often need medication.

Yes these drugs have bad side effects

But they improve the quality of life for so many.

I would rather have side effects than want to harm myself or others due to being uncontrollably delusional.

Are you on any meds? Or do you just hate them.

I don’t have schizophrenia, I have mania and, some autism . . The only delusions I’ve had were about drugs but, my doctors are starting to say I’m correct - -

I’m not against meds but, I Dis-like the side - effects, they triggered a fight with my psychiatrist, because I got testicle shrinkage from Valproate, a mood - stabilizer, it stopped working after 3 -4 months but, they forced me to take it . . Now I’ve finally stopped after I documented it does that but, the damage is done . . I can look forward to being a cripple, for little reason, since it had no effect, on mental . .

I’m going to get a job and, may-be some small future . . The nurses where I live all agree, after stopping Valproate after seeing it was behind my side - effect, there’s not difference, I’m the same, the drug didn’t work, it didn’t even sedate me, it merely gave me side - effects - -

I realize women enjoy bigger boobs and, I enjoy them ( on women ) too ! ! But I’m a man and, I prefered not to have them, my-self - - I prefer looking manly . . Prolactin made my nipples grow too, I Look like a pregnant woman ( side - effect called hypermammatrophy on risperdal pills adverse effect listing, in 2004

I think people should decide who they want to be, Not others - –

Fair enough dude I hope you get some relief from this.

It can’t be fun thinking and worrying about it.

And that your future is bright and happy.