Hey yall I'm curious, what's yalls gender identity, height and vice of choice?

Male 184cm 113kg food

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Female, 165cm tall and about the same wide. Cigarettes.

Female. 5 foot 4 inches. Coffee.

Male 5’-7" coffee and diet coke and cannabis…well you asked !

Lady-ish, 5’7, Legos.


Male, 5’10", Vaping

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Male with some gender dysphoria thoughts, 5’9 or 176 cm (if the conversion is correct) & my main vice is beer

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Female, 5’3", coffee :coffee:

Female. 5’6". Exercise.

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Male 5ft 8 " Coffee,smoking+ guiness

Female. 5’8.5". Sweets.

Male. 5’ 9" Smoking

Male. 5’ 6’’. Coffee and writing.

My stats are deflated. Was 5’11 before destroying my back. 5’10 and slightly hunched now. Squirrelette is also 5’10.


I wondered how many people will write that weird β– β– β– β–  instead of man or women

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Male, 6’4", Cherry Pepsi

Person, 5’8, board games and sudoku


Male, 6 foot 5, 10.5 stone, Ciggies and Guiness Drinker.

Female 5’2” sweets :chocolate_bar:

Adam. 6’1. Pipe smoking and the occasional hookah