Hey, what can I say? In my youth I got around town

When I was in my thirties I was living in a board & care home. I stayed there from 1990-95 and I I made a friend there and I ended up knowing him for 7 years. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs; we used to crack each other up.

There was a church a mile or two away from us and it doubled as a day program for indigents and homeless and other people from other group homes. They used to hold dances there every other Saturday night and me and my friend Jason used to go pretty often. They used to hire a live local bands to play and they would have snacks for everybody who attended.

There was usually twenty or thirty people there. I am not a dancer usually. I don’t know how to dance, I hate dancing, and I have no desire to learn. But for some reason I used to dance at this church. There were some cute girls there and I danced with them, I might even dare to say I enjoyed it. In 54 years it’s the only place I ever danced. I’ve always loved live music and it was dark and when I saw the lame, embarresing, cringe worthy, way that the other guys there danced, it made me brave and I got out on the floor. End of story.

George Burns: “Say goodnight, Gracie”.
Gracie : “OK. Goodnight Gracie”.