Hey so what careers do yall do for inspiration and ideas

I’m interested in hearing some of your guys careers or hobbies I’m planning to start a career once this corona virus stuff calms down

i was actually getting ready to post a similar post about careers…
last night i got kinda upset about not being able to work and do anything professionally because of my health. and i dont know that i will ever be able to. i want to have a meaningful career that i can do something with my life, however when i was younger almost all of the 10 to 15 jobs i had tried it ended badly because of my symptoms coming up and not being as well educated or aware of what was going on at the time…
for instance, after so long at some jobs i would burnout and get irritated and in a bad mood, whereas other jobs i couldnt go to sleep the night after work and didnt want to risk injury by going into work the next day with no sleep… to name a couple examples…

nowadays the only thing i can really do is that i am pretty decent at getting my workout in and exercising other than that all i do is listen to music.

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My hobby is repairing and building computers and other tech devices like iptv boxes, sound amplifiers etc
I built my first computer when I was around 13-14 y.o.

I also help ppl with building/repairing computers on tech forums.


That’s cool and I see you have a degree that’s cool

Yea in physiotherapy but I can’t work at any job.
I quit 15 different jobs so I gave up on work.

Im in school to be an RN.

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