Hey, is anyone else having this problem on these forums?

Sometimes when I’m browsing the various forums I will click on someones post that I left an answer to earlier. And on the forum I know someone posted a video.Here’s the problem: a few times I have clicked on the post and instead of the screen coming up with the title and author and every-bodies answers, it will just jump right to the video.And when it does this there is no way to cancel it and get to the main body of the particular thread. I have to go offline and go right back to the home page. Is it just my computer messing up or does this happen to anybody else?

I haven’t had that one yet . . .


I haven’t got that one, too.

Haven’t seen that issue. What type of computer and web browser are you using?

Hi. An HP pavillion slimline. I use Firefox. 5 minutes after I wrote my question it happened again.