Hey im not feeling very chipper

Hi sorry everyone Im having a really hard time with negative symptoms and ive been in and out of the dr more times then i can count the past week and still three more appointments to go while they try to figure out how to help me. Ill try to be more active I just have kinda lost my zest for the moment but my positive symptoms have really improved just dont want to do anything at all.



I was watching some YouTube stuff as a kind of picker upper, and I also made lots of comments. But there were no responses to those comments, so I opened up a second browser. In this browser I was not logged into YouTube.

Anyhow when attempting to look at my comments again, they just were not being shown at all.
The only one that can see them is myself if I am logged in to YouTube.

YouTube hides my comments. So I know the feeling of nothing seems to go your way.

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I’m sorry you’re feeling so down, but I’m glad you’re at least being proactive about it. Hopefully your doctors can figure something out soon. In the meantime, here is some zest, since you’ve lost yours.