Hey I need to quit sugar addiction

There is a very specific food craving that every time i get it, (every few days) which i associate with my pedophile father…

I have not been able to diet without thinking of this…

I am also extremely sugar addicted I’ve put on about 15 lbs in about 18 weeks, I haven’t been able to diet and keep it off for 10 years.

I don’t know what to do any more, i think i need to go to OA, this addiction is AS STRONG

as any cigarette craving and probably IS the one that goes back furthest my cigarettes did not have a way of stopping being lit between thinking of one and having one i was on 60 a day,
now i’m on 3 - 5 puddings a day.

I need need need need need to get over the addiction, preventing more weight gain (after Christmas) is crucial…

I am afraid, because i don’t have incentive, (i’m married, i don’t even shave that often) I am suddenly sedentary for the same last 8 weeks, had so much work, no space for ANYTHING

my sister is having a biopsy at my family’s regular time of celebrating christmas (7pm on Christmas eve)

so maybe boxing day can be my first clean day, I am worried about getting hungry

CloudDog, hope you have a great boxing day.

If our bodies are well nourished, we don’t often get hungry. Sugar will make folks hungry.

Use honey instead of sugar. The body can use honey and unrefined sugar.

Consider looking into Whole Foods and foods that provide energy the body wants.

Bee Pollen Granules from ethical farmers, if you are not allergic to them.

Greens such as Swiss Chard, Kale, Beet Tops, Collards, etc.

I use Garden of Life Raw Calcium for calcium, Vit. D, magnesium and more–sources are all Whole Food Plants.

Eggs have protein and amino acids. Go for the milk. A friend of mine donates blood for cash. One time she stopped drinking skim milk and was not permitted to donate her blood because her protein count was unacceptable.

Well nourished folks don’t become too hungry. The Body of a Well Nourished person will gently push for more nourishment.

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More important to get abstinate than have chocolate on Christmas x

Thanks so much for your post

It is good to hear that some people have done it

Hmmmm. It seems I read somewhere that honey is no better for you than sugar.

Honey vs white sugar:


In my book, honey is superb. Honey is a whole food source, refined sugar is not. Unrefined honey has antioxidants in it. Under 5 percent of the contents of honey is trace minerals, vitamins, etc. Why? Honey is made of nectar.

Now a Whole Foods supplier will provide folks with unrefined honey and unrefined sugar.

So unrefined honey is to unrefined sugar, but refined sugar is bad for health at all costs. For folks, who do not shop at Whole Foods services, then refined sugar is what they will get.

honey is actually bee vomit…nice to know huh…you are eating the puke of an insect…yummo!

How do you get that? I have read bees contain a honey sac and that the honey, within the honey sac, never mixes with bees intestines or stomachs.

Maybe you could substitute fruit for some of your sugary snacks. The sugar in fruit doesn’t give you that spike and then crash that regular sugar does. Maybe when you get down you could do a little bit of exercise - just enough to get your heart pumping. That can pick up your mood.

some types do, others don’t and regurgitate it. there are honey ants that have sacs too but you’re supposed to eat the ant along with the sac.

I have a bad sweet tooth, but never indulge during the day.
After work, I have a cup of hot tea and some chocolate-usually dark chocolate–which is supposed to be better for you…

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Thanks everyone
I think its a honey stomach rather than a sac
They say sac so you don’t have to imagine a stomach
They have more than one stomach

I tried quitting before
Once I tried allowing honey I got through a whole jar in 2 days
Needs to be lower on the glycemic index

What will you do then?

Eat small meals about every 3 hours while awake?

Doesn’t the high sugar intake make you ill?

What other foods do you believe may bring you comfort?

Yes, that is probably the best way to start off. Lots of raw fruit, (not dried)…

I have really tried so much for so long… I’ve been trying to give up sugar for a couple of years but lately i haven’t even been on a diet, hence putting on 15 lbs