Hey, how is everybody doing, good, ok, or bad

I’m doing good now. Have had a pretty good day so far. I got to walk, do chores, and went to the Walgreens store. So I felt pretty good while I was doing things today. Most of the time I have to make myself do things.


That sounds like a busy day there @Jake

I am ok just gettign ready for the wedding tomorrow then need to prep for the new job on Friday

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Good luck on your new job. You are fortunate…not everybody can work on this site.

Thank you. Normally I can’t work full-time but I want to see if I can give this a shot.

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I’m doing ok.

Have a cold and an infected septum piercing. So that’s fun.

But otherwise great :+1:

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I’m doing OK. Had some time outside, which was refreshing.

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