Hey guys what are you up too

I just finished watching evanescence on the internet. It’s a modern rock band. So what are you up too now?


Winding down. It’s only the afternoon over here in Oz. Had a good day. Went out for lunch with the parents and had some kindness with a free lunch. Roast pork and vegetables…not a bad feast!

What are you up too tonight/today/this morning…depends on where you are!


I went and got cigarettes then I got a slushy at Mcdonalds, then I got some donuts at Dunkin donuts. It’s early afternoon here now.

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Not much man just chilling, sounds like you’re having a pretty good day! :slight_smile:

Well, I’m having an ok day. It’s all good.

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True true you from the states man? From Canada myself, taking a day to try to figure out my health issues. Feeling kinda sick today and can’t figure what it is. Think it might be the new suppliments in taking, :frowning:

Yes I’m from the States………

Cool cool! I don’t think we have dunkin donuts here, timmies would pretty much be the equivalent I think XD

What is the best donuts in Canada? What’s the name of the company?

In Scotland we have things called yum yums. They are like rectangle donuts. They are amazing!


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