Hey guys! Just an update about last night and today. :P

So, yesterday there was a huge thunderstorm where I’m at and it was pretty nice at first… I enjoy bad weather. Until I heard a really loud extremely close to me bolt of lightning. I literally jumped… It was RIGHT NEXT TO ME no exaggeration. Lol, anyways… Right after that bolt of lightning my WiFi went out. :’( After waiting all night, and waking up in the morning and still no WiFi I called my internet provider and they said the lightning must have shot out my router. So I have to get a new one. :frowning:

This wouldn’t really matter as much if I got cell service where I live, but I don’t. So my phone runs off of WiFi. And I’m on it literally 24/7. I’m going tomorrow to get a new router. I’m hoping Walmart has them.

I’ve been thinking about this forum since my WiFi went off, because I’m pretty active on it… So I decided to just get on the main computer at home to get back on here.

Even though this computer was screwed and I had to do some smart IT ■■■■ to fix it… Haha.

And that’s about it. I’ve just been worrying about my WiFi and whatnot. Funny thing is I was thinking literally a few days ago “It would really really suck if my WiFi went out, I live off WiFi.” and tada… Haha

So sorry for my boring update post. I know nobody actually cares but I like to pretend y’all do. :stuck_out_tongue:


Your a nerd too…lol too bad ur WiFi crapped out lightning is a powerful force of overloading things…

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