Hey Guys It's Easier to Score With Women Than You Think- You Just Have to Make Sacrifices

I have lived here in the inner city for 4+ years and I’ve met a few interesting characters. There was one guy in a wheelchair who had several “baby mommas”. He was disabled due to a stroke. Now he was on SSI and his money was being divided in tiny payments among all his former lovers. He didn’t live with any of them and just visited occasionally. He often begged for money and stole toilet paper from the apartment public restrooms. He was quite a character indeed. He knew how to play the welfare game and played it to the hilt. He talked about the days when women on welfare shot for 3 babies “because that was the best financial way to have them”. Of course he probably didn’t give a damn about the education his kids received or how they turned out with a single Mother. And with him not contributing much his girlfriends didn’t stay with him very long. But he gave them what they wanted- Babies. So the next time you bitch about not having a girlfriend just consider the possibility that you are just not willing to stoop far enough to get what maybe you don’t want.

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lol whut?

In the US at least, you don’t get ahead on welfare by having lots of kids. They give you just enough for necessities for each kid.

But yeah, being used as a temporary vehicle for reproduction instead of being loved and respected is way too far for me.

It seems kind of like the guy you knew was more of an insemination device than a boyfriend.

I never knew my father, or anyone on that side of my ‘family.’ My ‘grandparents’ concocted a plan for him to avoid child support that was just crazy enough to work. It did.

It seems like you may be feeling a bit bitter, and I get that.

That’s why I’m being nice.

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I’m a warrior monk. Don’t need no woman. lol


And a lot of those women are using the funds that are supposed to go to the children on their own needs. Then the kids grow up and it’s their turn. It’s awful.

I’m a guy and I was making fun of him. I was pointing out that maybe the reason so many of us bitch about not having a woman is not that it’s impossible but we don’t want to stoop that low. He was a friend of mine but I didn’t respect his lifestyle.

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I have the same thoughts even in not necessarily such an extreme example. I think I’m kinda choosy with my girls. And I’m timid too. But looking in the mirror it’d be easy for me to get a girlfriend but I’m not just gonna settle for anybody. And some woman I’d have to snoop to lows to get. I’d rather be patient. Eventually I’ll find someone. I think I have good judgment on girls. I saw a girl I liked the other day but I chickened out.


I don’t respect that guy’s lifestyle either. He’s deliberately f’ing up the lives of the children he fathers for the sake of some temporary pleasure.

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I wouldn’t call it bitching. I don’t generally view my interactions with friends as transactional. I mean in a sense they are but not like that. It’s I give support/ I get support.

If I had that kind of attitude like “I’ll do whatever it takes to get sex” at least if it involves compromising my self respect and values, I would be kind of a reverse prostitute.

I don’t even really expect all that much. Just someone I find attractive (I guess that’s roughly equal to me in looks at least) that I can relate to and that respects and supports me

It’s not like I’m guaranteed to get sex just because I compromise on those things. It’s not just about sex anyway. But, I mean, if someone can’t even fake being nice, how into me are they? Therefore, how likely would I be to get sex?

If you aren’t talking about being used as an insemination device, than what?

Are you saying SZ and Sza guys should let themselves be used as emotional punching bags? Most of us that don’t have girlfriends can’t work full time, so it’s not money.

I guess I don’t know what exactly you’re saying.

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Admittedly I started having schizophrenia a long time ago when it was more common to end up on SSI and SSDI with the illness and sadly from a very early age that was my lot. Are you telling me that things have changed? Well that’s wonderful for you guys but too late for me. I used to be able to find the percentage of schizophrenics on SSI/SSDI and it looked pretty high at the time. Now I’ll admit it’s not all that large of a part of the schizophrenic population in America. (I saw a statistic just a minute ago of a little over 400,000 back in 2014 which is not that high if 1% of Americans have it.) So I’ll stop talking about it. Take care.

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I’m on SSI. I’m not working yet, but I hope to work part time eventually. I was diagnosed at 14 and I’m now 37.

I guess kind of what I’m saying is that this kind of thinking is a form of self-stigma.

Thinking like “I’m diseased. I don’t deserve love and respect.” I get that though. Much of the time I think the same way.

It’s fine to be realistic. But if you don’t respect yourself that makes you less attractive to everybody.

Even when it comes to the ones that are mean and nasty, that attitude might not be helping you out.

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