Hey, everyone, I wrote my article!

If you recall my last major thread post, I said I would write an article about this forum for the next recovery center newsletter. Well, today, with a pen and paper that’s what I did! No idea when it will be published, but I promise to share it with you when it does. Love you all!!!


Can you give us a little sneak peek? Maybe just a line or two?

I agree with @tera!

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It’s kind of hard to remember any line or two because I handed the article in to the peer support worker at the center after I finished. But, like I promised, I did mention the 5 members (@everhopeful, @jukebox, @77nick77, @Anna and @anon80629714) and wrote a little bit about them each. I’m reaaalllyyy sawwrry I couldn’t mention you all, lol!!!


I’m really excited for you and us, I can’t wait!

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well, I’m flattered…I hope I got good print…haha


oooohhhhh i never been famous before :smile: very sweet of you… that’s hoping nice things were said :stuck_out_tongue:

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This calls for a celebration:

Excited to see it :relaxed:

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