Hey back on cpap

I was having trouble sleeping and waking up with headaches again. Sometimes the lack of sleep would feed the anxiety and paranoia. Thinking I was hearing talking in the next room.

The medical doctor and the pdoc agreed I should get back to using the cpap machine. It was causing me a lot of health problems when I wasn’t using it. I got a new mask. First night slept 4 hours


I use one too sometimes, more so nowadays since I quit nicotine.

Pain in the ass to sleep in though, i wake up a lot.


My grandfather uses one, and it helps him a lot, his sleep is much more restful, mood is better because he’s not as grumpy from lack of sleep.

Says he can’t fall asleep without the white noise of the machine anymore.

I hope it helps you too.

How’s your weight loss journey going? That can help too.

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@DNA I’m gonna really try this time
@Ooorgle since I lost weight I actually had more events 3.7 an hour use to be as little as .7 an hour

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Good luck with it @cbbrown!

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