Here's another irony

my highly strung staffy x dog is already on anxiety drops and the vet is thinking of upping it to anti psychotic medication.
mmmmmm…my dog is looking at me and i know she is thinking, " can you see a big white bunny in the room ? "
i say to my dog " no, the white bunny is in the office on the internet !"
my dog is looking at me and thinking " maybe you should share my meds with me ? "
take care


my cat is supposed to b on xanax but she’s gone off the pilchards it was mixed with as it must have tasted bitter when i upped the dose. will try it with melted cheese or parmesan and c how that works. she’s got a paranoid personality disorder.

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is your avatar supposed to look like that @darksith

i had a staffy crossed dalmation once she could run asnd run asnd run and never stop after her ball. she waqs white and black with dots and patches everywhere best dog i ever had have u eve54 tried kongs? stuff them with chappie and keep them busy for hours!

just gave the cat two spoonfulls of parmesan laced with half a xanax…she scoffed the lot! yes!!

never mind the cat give it to me i deserve it!
cause im worth it (loreal)

is xanax any good? it’s a benzo isn’t it? highly addictive…christ, she has to b on them for the rest of her life…nevermind only another 13 or so years to go right? that’s a lot of piss to clean up if she won’t take her meds! nah get ur own xanax bitch, i don’t like cleaning up piss! lol

my dog loves parmesan , but at the moment i am trying everything to get her back to normal , i hope your cat gets better.
take care

no it was allocated to me from the site, but it is based on a good spiritual sign.
take care

apparently she’ll never b any better and will need it for life. i don’t mind so long as she’s happy and the drug makes her less stressed so meds it is i guess. thanx for caring and i hope ur furbaby gets well soon. xxx

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One of our dogs is high strung and it is an experience like dealing with myself sometimes.

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I ask my vet one time if dogs can hallucinate, she said yes. I sometime wonder about Yosemite.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

my mum’s dog is the same. very fearful and clingy. she needs some xanax but mum won’t give it to her. i don’t know why. it would make her much happier i think.

I got my dog Copper right when I became sz, he has always been in my head. When I had a really bad episode it was mainly because he wasn’t there. When I start rolling towards an episode he looks at me and its deep into my soul. He runs to me when I am scared, shaking and by petting him we both feel better. I can think something and hell know exactly what’s going on like if I want to go somewhere or if I need him to come cuddle. Then in 2011 I got a puppy and she is completely anti social except for Copper. They both love people and little kids but have a difficult time with other dogs. Then I got stuck with a 14 year old rat terrier that was being abused and he loves food and sniffing things. Copper is my favorite boy and when I go places I like to bring him with me he’s a very good therapy dog and keeps me from having full blown panic attacks and episodes … usually :slight_smile:

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my cats are super relaxed, they lay on their backs and let us scratch their tummies, which i think is unusual for cats. They act like dogs.

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