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this is visiting my daughter recently at her camp living quarters.


Looking good Daze :wink:

If you are upset about my avatar, i will change it.

Don’t let her bully you. Your avatar is adorable.

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ah huh, you’re a love/hate passive/aggressive.

I’ll stay away from you too.

I try to root for you when you’re not being a jerk to other people. I really hope one day you decide not to get drunk and attack every attractive female you encounter.

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Go to her thread and say what you want, ninjastar.

minni, pixel, rhubot, this is when you say I get in trouble.

no comment.

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Good job daze! Self control honey :sunglasses:


thanks, honey, how did I get so wrinkly???

damn, don’t take that youth for granted. I’m 47.

Installing a false crotch or friction saver

Discussion in ‘Commercial Tree Care and Climbing’ started by pdqdl, Nov 21, 2008


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    Feb 26, 2008


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    Hopefully, we all know about remotely setting a friction saver in a tree. Pick a reason to use it, it's not important why. My problem is the practicality of the normal instructions (I only know one method, anyway), and it occurs to me that with a brain trust as large as ArboristSite, surely someone has a better idea.

    Whenever I try to set the friction saver remotely, it seems that when you throw the ball over the branch you need, you always get another branch in-between the "up" side and the "down" side, preventing installation of the friction saver. Unless you are working on a tree so open that it doesn't need trimming.

    I have tried pulling the throwball back to the target branch, then lowering. Once down, re-tie the throw ball to the other end of the throwing line, raise (carefully!) back up to the branch. Lower again, trying to follow the path that the other side of the throw line took. If no branches are in the middle, then you can set the friction saver.

    But what a pain! Up, down, re-tie, up, back down. Tie on rope, up, down... This takes so much time, I don't even try it unless I absolutely can't just throw a rope over the branch. Unless you just happen to be attaching to the bottom limb, it doesn't seem worth the effort.

    Does anybody know a better way to do this ? Or am I just too impatient ?

haha, what, Nick??

a little weird. Weird is good.

Yes, it’s worked for me for 55 years.