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Is reading something considered talking to yourself?

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No it’s a different process. When I talk to myself it’s thoughts intruding on my general day. It’s not normal and I’d say most people don’t do it. That is a sign I’d say!

I had a similar Question if the writer has pass on, are you not restricting there thoughts, and or emotions.

But when you read something you’re literally talking to yourself, no?

Yes. You probably are but schizophrenic thought processing is different from most. We are 1 %. I can’t comment on others. I can just comment on myself but found over the years on meds that it’s a totally different process!

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Dre91are you talking about the inter voice you are supostto have normally

Yes, your inner voice.

I find that my inner voice is louder now that I’ve had psychosis when reading. I don’t like it, it’s not normal for me


If you read from a written text, its not, if you think about that text it is not still,
But if you repeat that text involuntarily then yes, its talking to yourself,
In some texts it is called: " making the tongue, commander of soul " and it is considered as a deviation in human behavior,

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