Here's a couple tunes from the band I played bass for way back

The band was called “Stumble Bee” and we were a tight punk thrash metal band that toured around Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Michigan. Here’s two of our tunes that were recorded in around 2002 - as I remember.


That’s cool… What was it like touring? Was it before you were diagnosed? I’m kind of fascinated by a musicians life and their creative abilities (in improvisation mostly). I played trumpet in a ska band back in 2004 - good times…

Thanks! Actually no, I had been diagnosed long before I joined the band, and so was the lead singer who is Bipolar to the gills. Him and I are still very close friends. We have a bond far deeper than our music because we share some of the same symptoms in common. The dude’s a creative genius, and every musician who knows him says so. Touring was a blast - but sometimes it was exhausting and even scary, like the time we got caught in a traffic jam in Detroit in the middle of the night. We thought we were all going to die for sure! There’s nothing like the thrill of getting up in front of a crowd of screaming party mongers and cranking out head banging tight punk thrash metal so loud that your ears nearly bleed.

So thanks again. An artist’s life has so few rewards.