Here my story, its unbelievable but the truth


My name is Christopher W. from Germany, im 33 years old and the doctors believe im schizophrenic.

It begins all with the search at the TOE.

I think in the past the TOE must so simple as complex an, the all and the nothing and i’ve found the correct answer.

The correct answer is, it lies in the ground structure of all things in the world, its the trinity or the yin and yang, but i have began with the magnetic field, plus and minus and in the middle, all of the important things. Like a father, a mother and a child or other things. I have read much over philosophy, from all countrys and much other things.

The Problem was then i have thousands of thoughts and im go crazy on it. I have wrote a few documents that i throw in a fire that i have make in the garden of my father.

Im going crazy on the things that i have wrote.

In the next day i was in the psychiatry with very experience, i would extremely bad threated.

The Problem was i have smoked at this time to much cannabis and i was on withdrawal.

There i have get the diagnosis schizophrenia, but that was wrong because it comes from the drugs, i was on withdrawal.

The next two years was not much, i make the same as every day i sit at the computer, read much things and smoke cannabis and play computer games. :smiley:

At the next, 2008 and i made the next withdrawal and im going crazy too. I had very crazy thoughts but they was not wrong.

In the past i have read much over ufo’s and then i found ufo engines in the internet, i have tried to understand it and then i have send, to a secret service, a short explanation from an engine with this picture…

The next time i was in the psychiatry too and then it was the same at the last stay there.

But i have began to write in forums over technology and the TOE and other things.

At an example i read much over cold fusion and many other things and wants to make a reactor test.

And in the last month of this year i have done it, look at this video…

But it was a mistake and i have other datas then they have wrote in the internet on cold fusion pages.

Let we come to the next things.

At this time i had much thougths over experiments that i can made.

And at an example i have made this(show link) experiment, there you see only the pictures and the text is in german, but i explain it short.

It was an experiment over gravitation and i think yet it was not completely wrong.

Sorry, its hard to stay chronological.

Then it pop ups things in the sky and you can look these things at Youtube.

Here are a visual video…

And here are videos from radar of other countrys…

Im yet to 100% sure that these are the engine that i have send to the secret service.

Then i have feeled a phenomena at the 2011-03-11, it was night and i stand under the shower and it goes up and and down like in a rollercoaster.

6 hours later i have read over a quake in japan and i make on the tv and see a live broadcast from the quake…

At this time i was at the end, this was definitively to much.

I’m today not sure if this has to do with the experiment with the magnet. Maybe you can make time travels with it. It can be that make anybody ■■■■ with it.

I have own space engines but i have seen a problem with e.t.s and i have thought i must make it fast and have reverse engineered more ufo engines from the internet.

In the last time i have send another one to a secret service.

And i have wrote this article…

It gives no other option that the gravity is working so.

Its a part of the TOE.

And i have much other experiments that are waiting to discover.

Sorry, but i cant post all things of it, because its very much and the most things of it are in German.

I have developed a completely own physic model.

That’s not all of the story and i have saw many other phenomena and that’s not every detail of the story, but these are the main things of it.

At this time i let stand it so and write not more over the story, it must be much enough.

These are the main things.

What you think about it?


You’ve come to the right place. And I mean this in the kindest possible way: You need help. Are you on antipsychotic medication currently? Have you stopped smoking weed?

PS: I’ve had very similar delusions.

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I think this takes the gold on the longest post ever. :owl::owl::owl:

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I think you need meds, like aps, which I take. I believe ToE is going to be m theory/matrix theory. I used to be a computer simulator in a past life. It was a long time ago.

Now I have definitely noticed that psychiatrists are kidding, that is absolutely closed, that someone else wrote such a story, because it is absolutely unique on this planet, if you are a sweet woman we can talk again, I have a lot good overview over the internet and I know more than psychiatrists about schizophrenia, in itself I did not write anything, well adieu

PS: You’re fooled by a bunch of drug junkies

Freeze the times well I read about cryogenics

I also delude about the ToE and obsess about trying to discover the meaning of reality. I think disease we have does allow us to see the world differently than most and possibly there is some truth or some value in exploring and experiencing thw delusions but at the same time you need to keep your feet on the ground. APs help in that regard, but ultimately only hide away that oart of you that wants to get out. Learning to adjust your core beliefs and being open and willing to change and give up on ideas when they are shown emperically to be false helps to remove the delusions but they will always come back in different forms. I am lucky to have a close friend that is a physisist mathematician who regularly sets me straight when i wonder down the wrong path. Take trust in proven science and limit the scope of your search to the accepted open and unsolved mysteries. Avoid rewriting reality since we have a lot to back up these things. I have also cut down significantly my weed because while enjoyable it can lead you to believe wholeheartedly you are 100% correct even when you are so woefully wrong.

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