Here is a plausible cure for schizophrenia ! 👽

Im sure Im not the first but I just wanted to take a break from my genetics studies to share

How trippy is this,

this link:

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It is an illustration of the base pairing mutation on the amino acid sequence of the schizophrenia gene.

Now I have actually learned how to do this which is scary. but you can in a lab setting copy and isolate the dna sequence of interest then amplify it. then you take an attenuated (harmless) version of a retrovirus and splice into its genome this specific mrna sequence. then you take the virus and replicate it and inject it into the host. over time when the cells normally replace one another the new dna sequence you mutated will express itself on your chromosome removing the inborn error mutation from the genome. However the brain is already wired in response to the illness so you would want to consider pluropotient stem cell therapy in addition to cognitive brain therapy to effectively rewire the brain and reteach appropriate learning and cognitive processes. CraZy ■■■■ huH?

The scary part is you could do the exact reverse to give someone schizophrenia


1 atgaagacga ccctgaacaa gagaaggagg ctggagagcc aggacgtccg gggaccaagc
61 ccccgaagcg ggacgaagag cgaggcaaga cccagggcaa gcaccgcaag tcctttgctc
121 tggacagcga aggggaggag gcatcccagg agtcctcctc ggagaaggat gaggaggatg
181 acgaggaaga tgaggaagat gaagatcgag aggaagctgt ggataccaca aagaaggaga
241 cagaggtgtc ggatggcgag gacgaggaaa gcgattcgtc ttccaaatgt tctctgtatg
301 ctgactcaga tggcgaaaat gacagcacat cagactccga gagcagcagc tcttccagct
361 cctcatcctc ctcctcctcc tcgtcctcat cctcctcgtc ctcttcatcc tctgagtcct
421 cctctgaaga tgaagaggaa gaggagcggc cagcagccct tccctcagcc tccccgcccc
481 ccagagaagt cccagtgccc acgccagcac ctgtggaggt gccagtgccg gaaagggttg
541 caggctcccc agtcacaccc ctgcccgaac aggaggcgtc tccagcaagg cctgcaggcc
601 ccacggagga gtcacccccc agtgcgcctc tgcgtccccc agaaccacct gctgggcccc
661 cggcccctgc cccacgcccc gatgagcgtc cctcttctcc catccccctc ctgcccccac
721 ccaagaaacg ccggaaaact gtctccttct ctgccatcga ggtggtgcca gccccggagc
781 cccctccagc cacaccgccg caggccaagt ttcccggccc agcctcccgc aaggctcccc
841 ggggcgtgga gcggaccatc cgcaacctgc ccctggacca cgcatctctg gtcaagagtt
901 ggcccgagga ggtgtcccga ggaggccgga gccgggctgg aggccgaggc cgcctcaccg
961 aggaagagga ggctgagcca gggacagagg tggacctggc ggtcctggcc gacctggccc
1021 tga

There is a “the” schizophrenia gene? I thought the consensus was that there are many genes involved.

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Looks chinese to me, how did you figure this out. Care to share your journey? Can’t seem to find any link between SETD1A and sz

What are you on about bruv?

its in reference to the most prominent ‘main’ one

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Im studying it in school. Im not the first to figure it out. i just came to the realization on my own this morning and felt like sharing

what? I dont understand your comment

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Well, it must be fun to learn about gene editing. I currently intend to abstain, for now, because I don’t want to be seen as that dangerous.

Ah. I think I see part of the reason you are calling it the main one.

“Rare loss-of-function variants in SETD1A are associated with schizophrenia and developmental disorders”

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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