Helping out carers

i was at a training thing today that helps out people who care for others, could be a child with disabilities or an adult with dementia or even a few other things that they might be caring for but everybody needs help sometimes especially when times get tough not just for the cared for but the carer too, so thats what i might be doing, phoning up carers and asking them how they are.


thats awesome i hope you like it

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well today (or this morning) its 415am and i have only slept about an hour but the thing i am worried about is that i am supposed to be shadowing someone in the office today at 10am so i am worried i will be too tired, its my first day as a volunteer so i want to be alert. hope it’ll be ok

I amsure you will do just fine

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hey, if it’s your first day of volunteer work, concentrate on that. get that down, meaning get used to it, get past the stress, don’t freak out if you miss a day. they’re happy to have you there when you’re there. you can add more to your life when you’re ready. if you hit the speed bumps too fast, coming out of the parking lot, it can set you back.

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ended up that they never had enough volunteers for me to shadow so i was told to come back monday but atleast i handed in my pvg and things.

so i went into the call centre for about an hour and a half and was paired up with a volunteer who was showing me how they do things and what to do, she said it was natural and that i would know what to say when the time comes so she was very reassuring about it, the computer seems to be pretty simple enough so no issues there, i think i’d be better on my own though as i was slightly panicky at the end but i was able to make a cup of tea which calmed my nerves and i was able to leave whenever i liked which was good.

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well last week i felt a bit better and lasted 2 hrs which was great, this week despite feeling like crap i went in and it took my mind off of things so i am hoping when i get to phone people that it will help them firstly and also help me take my mind off of things at the same time,

tbh i can’t wait until i get to speak to people, some of them might even have children or parents that have mental illness but i think no matter what their circumstances are it will be a pleasure to take the pressure off of them some how and just help them out if they need it.

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Helping out carers sounds like a good idea. It can be such a burden.

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was on the phone for the first time today and i was totally on my own, my boss was their but she was doing something, so spoke with a few people about various things :slight_smile: feel pretty good about myself and i even managed to do a bit of envelope stuffing for the newsletter too, well good :thumbsup: