Helped a man with dementia by having the number to call for his brother

my neighbor that also mows my lawn came over today to thank me personally for helping his brother when he was knocking on black peoples houses and talking about the KKK is after him. finally my other neighbor that lives behind me asked me if I had his brother’s number because his brother had dementia. kind of an emergency she said…yes of course I said…I didn’t think anything of it except I was a little worried if my neighbor that mows my lawn might mind me giving out his number. he said, hell no, that’s why I came by to thank you…you are cool Mick…I said I thought he was cool too. nice visit and I am glowing in good feelings. makes me feel like I did something important.


You did! The world needs more people like you.


Way to go buddy. You have a good heart


aww thank you to both of you !! I think the world of both of you too !!


That’s great! Neighbors helping each other! So good that you could do that. :sunglasses::saxophone::guitar::drum:


thank you…maybe not? no one seemed to like my post…tough crowd here.

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It’s because good deeds are meant to be done without the expectation of reward. I mean, seriously, you’re doubting whether or not what you did was good because a bunch of strangers on the forum didn’t give you a like on your post?

You came here expecting what, exactly? Hundreds of likes? Thousands of posts congratulating you for something that anyone with basic human decency would’ve done? I’m not trying to say that you didn’t do a good deed by helping the poor guy out, because you did. But why does it bother you that you’re not receiving recognition? As a matter of fact, you are receiving recognition and praise; just not enough for your liking.

So why’d you do it? Why’d you help the man out? What were your intentions?

Intentions matter. Intentions always matter.

no plenty of people responded…I just thought more people would have said something…some people on here say anything and get twenty replies.

That’s great! Glad you helped out! Did his brother come pick him up?

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@FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter yes he came and got him with his car…

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Oh good! I’m relieved to hear he is safe now!

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