Help - writing my first rap And by the way did you see Eminem to Donald Trump?

for home use
for an Xmas present for my husband

anyone feel experienced enough to coach me by Skype?

or is it all just flow and perserverance?

i’ve written 2 of the (whole) 3 minutes - first edit in progress draft

it’s embarrassing to say aloud though

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I know @Jonnybegood raps, he might be able to help you.

Good rap imo comes down to flow, creativity and lyricism.

I think Eminem really hurt himself doing that. I believe it was all for attention

Are you using a beat? Because it might be easier to write to a beat. It really stabilizes your flow if you use a beat or even just a metronome to help you write.

If you’ve never rapped before IMO it should be easy to find the basic rhyming words (at least it was for me) now that I’m more advanced I try to find more complex words to rhyme with. I mean how many times can you rhyme “damn with man”

well I did yesterday apparently

dont give a damn
for a fan
go ham
on these mans and stans
tryin to ruin all my plans

see I like that because the rhyming words are condensed all together in a few bars making it sound cool if you say it really fast. there’s a lot of little techniques you can pick up on.

The flow & enunciation is very important too. With that u gotta practice. I’d say standing up and really getting into it. Get involved with your lyrics. Be passionate about them. And just spit it like a killa would. Lol. Good luck ask if you need any more advice. Sounds like a cool gift.

I gave my mom a rap for mothers day and she loved it.


Can i pm you? please?

yeah pm me if u like

thanks! done!

hope not too embarrassing