HELP with hallucinations

i need help i dont know how to deal with these hallucinations im not schizophrenic, i experience blood boiling screams and shrieking, i see shadow men the only color i am able to define them as is vantablack it would be like the contrast of white to black except black to its color the shriek and they are everywhere then i see the people i love and care about murdered i see them skinned alive shrieking crying getting their ligiments and body parts ditatched then i feel the shadow men attack me they lunge at me and they dig their claws into me its paralyzing pain i dont know how to deal with it then i feel them inside my shredding my insides its horrifying reality doesnt seem real everything not real seems real and everything real seems not real i dont want to be residentially hospitalized i hate being locked up in mental health facilities i want to learn how to deal with this i remember not to long ago i felt the shadow men inside me tearing me up i had a silver knife to my throat and one to my stomach i wanted to slice open my stomach and let them bleed out the bloodbaths i take from selfharm are very calming though very harmful and dangerous i dont know how to deal with all of this i need help

What is your diagnosis if u not sz

Have you been to see a psychiatrist yet ?

The first step is making a appointment to see your gp

major depression with phychotic features, phychosis, borderline personality disorder. im sorry that im on a schizophrenia forum i just got to this site and it was talking about hallucinations and how to cope and deal with them and i was hoping i could still benefit from being on here regardless

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Are you taking an antipsychotic?

i have been on a couple but the only ones that helped me were seroquil and zyprexa im on 300 mg of seroquil though it doesnt make them stop it only lessens the intesity of them and the reoccurrence even though its very small change

Was zyprexa better? Basically we’re at the mercy of our meds when it comes to psychosis.

I was on seroquel and it didn’t work out for me. Plus 300mg is a low dose.

Maybe you could try another antipsychotic or increase the seroquel dose.

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im seeking coping skills and how i can be better ready for when they happen in the future what can i do to help me get through this they almost always only occur once the sun sets and its night i need help how can i deal with this the auditory and visual i can put up with and still continue functioning but when i start feeling them swarming inside me and digging their claws into me and its causing me so much pain my vision starts to blur

What time of day do you take your seroquel?

Have you ever tried mindfulness?

at 9 pm right as the sun sets and it turns to night

i dont know what that means could you tell me more

I’m not a doctor but if that was happening to me I’d ask for an increase in my seroquel dose so you could take some in the morning and at night. It sounds like your problems start when the previous dose wears off a bit.

It’s a type of meditation, you can find guided ones on YouTube.

I have some special tapes that were designed for people with psychosis!

alright cool thanks is there anything i can do while this is happening to help me get through them

could you link me to them if you could

You really need a med tweak to sort out something as severe as you’ve described I think. I don’t really know if other coping techniques would be of any use :frowning_face:

This shows the basics, but if you want it to really work then also label thoughts and voices as that and say voices in your head for each voice.

Like just now I heard the wind blow on my window, so I labelled it as a noise…

thank you for your help much appreciated :slight_smile: