Help with getting emotions out

Do you think a therapist might have methods of drawing out certain feelings? Maybe through some means of telling you something after evaluating a problem? Like they say something during a meeting and the problem comes to light and the emotions come out whether you know or not that its coming.

that is their job , if you find a good one, to draw out certain feelings and emotions and false belief systems.
i am meant to be starting cbt with my therapist, which helps to do this, thats if i can stop waffling on about space ships .
take care

it’s classicaly the aim of psychoanalysis or somewhat talk-therapy, not a surprise

I don’t know if my therapist can get emotions to come out of me. I have been working on relearning emotional responses and learning how to recognize the feelings of others.

But my therapist is very good at helping me sift through false memories and delusional thinking. That helps me feel like I know where I’m standing.

I’m relearning emotions too through DBT. It’s tough, I feel like I was never taught by my parents how to recognize and express emotions in myself and of other people.

I never found sitting around talking about my thoughts and feelings from the past very helpful, especially from a “professional” that went by the book.
I had stuffed those rotten feelings away back in the far corner of my mind and went on about my life in a productive way until someone very close to me was doing things to undermine me in the hopes of making me doubt myself.
All that happened was they let the feelings out and cut off all outlets to express myself. I imploded, and they stood there scratching their heads in wonder.

i used to have a deusion about waking up on a spaceship after i died. i thought i was trapped in some sort of hologram lol. put in by force i might add but it was there none the less. i saw an episode of star trek in which captain janeway was in the holodeck talking to a holographic bar tender named vinnie. as my name is jayne and my husband’s name was vinnie i thought that it pertained to me and that i had to kill myself to get out of the system…very convenient for my rapists for me to think like that. if i had have killed myself there would b less of a problem for them as the principle witness would b dead…so evil.

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sorry you go through this , you are amazing and strong.
take care

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i need to get my emotions out…then these personalities would just disappear and i would have silence again…or at least they would b friendly if they didn’t disappear. i hope the people responsible for them have tragic lives and long and terrible deaths. if there is anyone left alive by the time i die i will seek them out and torment them until they die. then i will torment them further…hopefully with the aid of my family who have already passed over. i feel a few murders coming on. that’s a great way to get ur feelings out i think!