Help with cocktail

Hi I take Haldol buspar and gabapentin. Lately I’ve been depressed. The buspar helps some but I take trazodone for sleep 150mg. Is there any anti depressants to your knowledge that won’t cause adverse reactions if I were to add one? Thanks

I am no expert but I thought trazadone was an antidepressant also used as a sleep aid. Perhaps you can ask to up that?

You need to ask your psychiatrist because only they would know enough on this topic to have an informed opinion and they surely have a medical database on their computer with all this if not.


This is for a pdoc. We don’t know! Meds often interact, and pdocs know this stuff and it shows up on their computer when they make a cocktail of meds. Like how my Geodon comes with a list of like 100 or more meds that will stop your heart if you take them together. I keep the list on my phone and know the exact interaction, and I have been given meds which could have maybe killed me. Go look this stuff up in addition to asking your pdoc. It’s good to know what will help and what will put you to sleep permanently.

I use drug interaction website to check as well. With Haldol trazodone poses a major interaction but I’ve been had three psychiatrists my official med regimen is so unofficial. I’m weaning off klonopin cold turkey. With buspar and Haldol interaction is minor. But I know psych docs still prescribe meds with cross interaction sometimes major.

Be careful. Also benzos contribute to depression in my experience.

You were depressed on benzos on it or while you were coming off it?

I went off benzos, felt much better, went back on them and then noticed they made me depressed. I’m trying to come off them again, but definitely not cold turkey.

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