Help with a delusion?

What are you currently feeling? The rest of the world can’t possibly be feeling what I’m feeling, right? That’s just a persistent delusion?

what are you feeling? :o)

I wanna sleep but do not feel sleepy yet

A sneeze just snapped me back into reality…lmao

I feel bored mostly lol

boredom is disease. =(

Try to push yourself maybe? to do things you want?

Delusions are entertainment :o)

In a room of just 23 people there’s a 50-50 chance of two people having the same birthday. In a room of 75 there’s a 99.9% chance of two people matching.

There aren’t as many days in the year as there are emotions, so the possibility of folks sharing the same emotion are greater…?
Oh my math sucks, but yeah.
It’s not too unusual if one feels crappy, they’re bound to be plenty more out there.
Trick is to gather all the feel goodies, and change the rotten mood to better.


I, personally, am feeling really restless. I’m at work (workday is almost over) and I just can’t wait to go home.

I like that homegirl but I think your math needs a little help

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