Help... what do I do with my job?

In no way am I psychotic or freaking out, but I’m overwhelmed (in a regular “overstressed” kind of way) because there are a lot of external issues.

My mum is very very ill (critically so). Son needs my attention because of that. He lives with my parents. I moved house and need to do a lot in the house still. I’m in debt because I had 4000 euros extra costs in a few months and have no clue how to pay off debts, rent, food. School and I are considering sending son to a fulltime gifted program. I’m losing my job because of a reorganisation. I have a medical problem which causes fatigue. Etc.

I’m sad, I’m stressed and I’m fatigued. I don’t know where to start.

One thing: I now need to decide what to do with my job. Shall I just drop everything here and now? Which means people I work with might get damaged and I am less capable of paying my debt? Shall I take a short leave and return to finish everything right? Shall I push through and work hard to finish and then quit in a month or so? Shall I last till the end of december, even if that means spending less time with mum and son and being totally stressed out?

Ideas are welcome…

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I feel really bad for you. You are going through some really rough times. This may sound stupid but I highly recommend that you breathe deep and take one day at a time. If you deal with each problem one at a time, and try to not get everything jumbled in your head at once, it might be easier. I would take a walk while you are thinking. Some fresh air will help you think. I’m sorry I can’t help practically but I’m sure others here can help you better than I. Most importantly take care of your health. :hugs: hugs

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Thanks. No need to feel bad for me, it’s part of life. But I think it is an important thing you say… when I try to think of ALL at once, I end up hiding under a blanket and doing NOTHING. Splitting it up in pieces and doing it day for day and problem for problem seems best.

I’m kind of trusting I can handle it, but I’m not sure how yet. Taking walks sounds good.

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Yeah with all the chaos in your life trying to sort out your priorities is better. I’m not going to tell you what to do because this is your life not mine. I care because you are asking for thoughts of what to do. I hope whatever happens you can sort through it. If you feel yourself becoming to stressed mentally definitely talk to your doc. You need to stay healthy. :two_hearts:

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