Help: Transitioning from higher end to lower end jobs

Ive only really ever had ‘lower end jobs’ (hate that term). I can imagine that having a lot of responsibility in your career can be highly stressful. But dont assume that lower end jobs are a walk in the park. Ive had around 15 different jobs over the last decade and all of them have been highly stressful and backbreaking despite being paid minimum wage. And youve always gotta sacrifice your pride and do what the bosses say otherwise youll be out of a job, since lower end workers are more easily replaceable.
Im probably sounding a bit whiney but i think im just frustrated because ive got the flu. And i have always struggled with maintaining work and im struggling financially at the moment haha.
Im sure you’ll do great in whatever field you pursue if you give it your all though.


@Ozzyskits I am sorry for your struggle we are all in the same boat.
But indeed now you have a good experience in these jobs and what suits you the most.

Can you tell me about your 15 different jobs you worked on. What is the The job or jobs in which you maintained the most period of time and are less strssful ?

On the other hand what are the jobs that are most stressful ?

I had a job coach who specialized in MI last year. It was called Individual Placement and Support (IPS). She thought sz was a split personality :grinning:

Basically they deal with people with burnout and depression. There aren’t many schizophrenics employed here.

I still have dreams as you know. But right now it feels like that as long as I hear voices and have low energy it will be impossible to work. And I’ve had them for 11 years now every single day.

I don’t know. We’ll see, but I feel like I will need a miracle.


Id say the least stressful one i stayed in for 3 years was working as a panner in a chocolate factory. It was alright. But one of the downsides was i was the only one at the factory trained for my specific part. So if i missed a day for whatever reason, every other worker would miss out on shifts. As i was the only one actually making the chocolote covered nuts. The others were packers.
The most stressful was probably hospitality. Washing dishes, waitering and some cooking. Ive had a few jobs in that area. One in particular was rediculously hard and fast paced. I would work up to 12 hour shifts too. Which i couldnt imagine doing again anytime soon without commiting sui.
But yeah most of the jobs ive had have been in retail, hospitality, factory work and land management stuff like taking care of yards and gardens.
Also kfc sucked when i was 16. We were way understaffed and the mangement were petty crooks haha.


I had to do it a few times. It is what it is. Sometimes they are glad to have you and think they struck a deal.

I worked as a career counselor, an assistant manager at Walmart, an aircraft mechanic and a revenue officer at the IRS. Pretty decent jobs all around but still a big pay cut from what I was used to. Used to be a pilot. In the military but was still making 6 figures when I retired. The career counselor job required a masters degree and only paid $16 an hour but at the time was the only job I could get. The Walmart job was salaried and only paid like $45k a year but was 12 hour shifts. Way too much work for me. One aircraft mechanic job I had only paid $15.

With my education and experience I should be able to get $50 an hour or more.

You shouldn’t have to go flip burgers or anything like that.


I have that too, she says dont stress and look for a parttime job or just volunteer.

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I do not know how this works in your country.

Here, there are various ways. I found her accidently. She wrote a book. I liked what she wrote and called her.

The organization here that organises the disability subsidies also can refer you. And if you google jobcoach you can also find them. I really can’t help you better, sorry, I do not know your country.

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Thanks @Jonathan2.

This jobcoach says the organisation dealing with disability funding (?)(uitkeringen) here, refers the most complex patients to her. And she wrote about that too. I hope she can help.

I know you have dreams. And I don’t think you need to give them up. Who knows. Hope the voices lessen.

I personally have a lot of troubles still as well. Daily. I think I need a very adjusted work environment. Will see what works. Hope she has good ideas.


I have a bachelor degrèe and I curently work in a pizza restaurant. Some days are stressfull, but nit much interaction with others and I can fake it decently. Never said anything about sz. At times i have thoughts they might see something wrong, but for sure I could not fake it in a daily meeting such a corporate jobs.
It is not the perfect job, paids decently, but I get food as well and some decent interaction with people. I wish it was more but it is decent.since I am on meds i god depressiion and so far iit’s good


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