Help the homeless

I feel pretty bad that we all have spoiled ourselves and stuffed our faces when there are homeless people who are on the streets out in cold,

Next year I want to try and help these people, it’s not fair x


Yes, I feel Soo bad for the homeless… Prayers for them…


Yeah, just because they are homeless doesn’t make them bad people.


Given a proper chance, homeless people can make it.

I went to an adult learning course and my only friend there was homeless. He is now a qualified Social Worker.

You cannot write them all off.

He will be the first to tell you that others helping him made a difference to his life


I try help homeless people with some cash now and again.

The drug problem here in Cape Town is so bad that most of these homeless people are serious substance abusers, making it very difficult for them to get off the streets and recover.

But i always feel good giving them money, regardless how they use it. I just hope that they use it for food etc…

I like to think they do.


my brother always says that too

You just bought his quart

I’d like to tell you all about what I’ve done for the homeless

or near homeless sleeping on a friend’s couch

but I won’t. Yes, be a decent human being to mankind.


well maybe next year i can help out at a soup kitchen or something for them, i think it could be very rewarding and i could talk to them and help them as well, or maybe even go out onto the streets with a flask and offer warm drinks.


I was homeless for a year. Never on the streets, but jumped around from place to place, so I can’t speak on what’s best for a person on the streets. All I know is it gets very cold, even when it’s not colder seasons.

The best thing you can always do is donate. See if there are shelters in your area and see how/what you can donate. I think there’s diversity acceptance learning group(? I think that’s what they’re called) in some places that might be specific for the homeless population that would be good if you want to volunteer.

All in all, just try and remember we’re also people, too. Just ended up being dealt some nasty cards in life.


what they need is socks, shoes, and the 3 wick big candles.

They’re my favorite folks. When I was a kid I made some sandwiches with potato chips and some soda for a guy who had been eating out of a restaurant trashcan. Homelessness can happen to anyone.


Find out the nearest homeless charity to you and donate to them , that’s what I do.

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Try not to stress out over homelessness, it’s too “big picture” for someone who isn’t earning income. I’d worry about it when I’m making enough to pay taxes. Otherwise, what kind of benefit is giving our welfare money to homeless people? The money is already going to the needy, namely, us.

It’s okay to think about the matter, but back-shelf it until you have enough influence to make a serious dent in it. Otherwise, giving a few bucks here and there to the homeless isn’t going to suddenly turn you into a saint. It’s okay to feel powerless about the matter, just accept it until you can become an effective, tax-paying member of society and support some of them.

People are mainly after the instant gratification of helping the needy now with a few bucks, rather than genuinely helping them with the delayed gratification of working towards more lasting solutions.

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I understand what you saying however,

I personally believe that each small token of help makes a huge difference.

If i waited for the government to do something about it I would probably be dead already :confused:

Helping someone who needs to eat is about them, not gratification from my side.


@naturallycured One can either be cynical about it or choose to do one’s best, within one’s financial constraints , to help.


Okay, every little bit helps, but worry about that when you have some to spare! That money could go towards educational / training material to raise your income, and your impact towards helping the needy, that’s what I mean. Being at the poverty line should imply that money be spent selfishly until we expand our income, we don’t have the privilege of thinking about external factors too hard.

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If you don’t have money, you can donate your time. Volunteer at a homeless shelter. They will always appreciate the help.


I give to the homeless no and then. I should be homeless. If it weren’t for my family, I would be homeless. You should give what they need and not what they want, generally. I have tended to give cash when I give.

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I try and help the homeless whenever i can. I have given them money here and there and have given them food on numerous occasions. Back when i worked with an outreach ministry i had more resources and was able to help people with our food pantry and also help them get to the shelter and get squared away there.


One of my closest was homeless for a while and I was aweful to not let them stay with me because there was destructive stuff involved and I did not want a part in that or that in my apartment .

I apologised to him for all my wrongs tohim but I had just quit smoking and there were other reasons .
I also gave him my savings as a gift .

He told me he lived at a shelter which was on a boat with tiny rooms but the food was good.
They got left over restaurant food.

The thing was he had family he could live with but he chose not to.

I lived in my car for three weeks when I was delusional.
I had a apartment but had thoughts I had to leave …
I eventually went back to the apartment.

Thankful now that I had such a nice place to live.


I would probably be homeless if I did not get so much help and support.

Lots of schizophrenics seem to have been homeless and I understand that.

Thinking everyone is against you or having all kinds of paranoia,delusions,voices etc

It’s still strange to me that there is homelessness but thankfully there are homeless shelters .

True that money given probably goes to drugs a lot of the time.

I gave money to my bf last Christmas and he spent it on smokes which was so disappointing to me.

Now I know how my family felt when they gave me money back when I was a smoker but my mum actually sometimes bought food instead of giving me money.

Love :two_hearts: and good wishes to the homeless.

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A lot of homeless folks are mentally ill.