Help! Someone opened up an unauthorized patreon account in my name

I’ve been sounding off in a few different sites, and I think someone has opened up an unauthorized patreon account in my name. I guess the truth hurts.

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Go here: and scroll down to click on the option for a problem not already described above. Click on that link and tell them why you think that. Maybe they can help you.


Do you do something to get patreon supporters that would be confused by this new account? Seems more likely someone just has the same name.

I really doubt it. I’m pretty absent minded, but to sign up for a patreon account you have to take several definite steps. I would remember that. The way I’m interpreting it right now is that I have been spewing a lot of invective and somebody decided to teach me a lesson. I did donate $75 to the Red Cross, and I would likely have donated more. I usually do keep some money in reserve for situations like this. It is fortunate I did that now. I can cover my bills, but I can’t donate any more money right now. I might donate a few canned goods at the bank. I’ve got a lot of canned goods stored up.

Probably someone with the same name. How would opening one in your name teach you a lesson?

I’ve been sounding off in some pretty obnoxious ways on the internet. I don’t want to go into specifics. I just called the number on my debit card, and it looks like they’re hitting me with another unauthorized deduction. It looks like I am going to lose all the money on my debit card, which isn’t that much right now. I can still cover my bills with the money I have in my wallet. I just won’t be able to donate money to the Salvation Army or the Red Cross. It’s a pity, because they need money right now because of all the flooding.

But Patreon doesn’t take your mo ey…or do you mean someone is being a patron to someone on there with your card?

Yes. That’s what I mean. These are patreon accounts I didn’t enlist in. I do have a couple of patreon accounts, but I might have to end them.

Report it all to your card company and to Patreon. You shouldn’t be held accountable for stolen identity. Most cards have fraud protections.

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They can have the money. It isn’t that much now. I called the number on the card, and I couldn’t get a real person. I got the runaround menu. I’ll just carry my money on me, and pay my bills by money order.

But they’ll keep using your card if you don’t stop them now. They’ll use it for other things. You’ve got to report it

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