Help: Severe Depression after first episode psychosis

I had my first episode March 2019 and have been put on paliperidone since then. I have been extremely depressed, messed up sleeping patterns, barely eating one meal a day, showering once a week at best and unmotivated to leave the house and no sex drive . I wonder when the Depression is going to let me go first I thought it was temporary but now that its been a year I’m beginning to lose hope. I have job but I feel if I get fired nobody will hire me again as I’m seriously unproductive. Any one has been in a situation like this before?

I have been in the same situation as you during the year after my first psychotic episode. Usually, motivation within oneself will pull you out of depression. You seem young for a first psychotic episode. You’ll need some time to adjust. There is a lot if information on this forum to assist you in your recovery.

All the best.

Thanks @yinyang but what makes you think I’m too young for a psychotic episode? Can you see my age here?

@cinamon Men experience their first psychotic episode during their early 20s whereas women experience their first psychosis in their early 30s.

@yinyang I’m 30 year old m right now.

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@yinyang thats the average age of onset. But it can happen as early as childhood and can happen as late as upper 40s.

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You need time to adjust to the medication which I must regrettably say you will be taking for the rest of your life. There might be some adjustments here and there but expect to take anti-psychotic medication for a long time.

Yes, on average but there are a few statistical outliers at times.

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I felt like that too, for a long time.

But I took a “fake it until you make it” approach and it really worked.

You’ve got to push yourself and be uncomfortable,

Still, you can do it.

The APs may slow you down a little but you’re still in control of your life.

These can also be sz negative symptoms. Paliperidone is known to cause low sex drive. But all these could also be depression so better ask your psychiatrist about all these symptoms. If its depression its good news as there is antidepressants but nothing much can be done about sz negative symptoms other than trying your luck with different antipsychotics.

Thanks @anon54386108 @Aziz


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