Help needed

I wish I had control over my voices as I could be doing something constructive…

at present I spend two and a half hoursin total each week doing something constructive ie I go to a mental health drop in on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon for an hour or so

but this is not enough, voices hold me back, I need to know of a way to get in control

I feel my life is such a waste


What meds do you take @karl

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Zyprexa 80mg killed my voices


im on 800mg quetiapine and 20mg olanzapine

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that’s a huge dose @Om_Sadasiva…how do you function…what are positive and negative symptoms

any side effects

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The results and literature data suggest that in clinical practice some schizophrenic patients resistant to conventional neuroleptic treatment and not responding to olanzapine at recommended dosages as high as 20 mg/day may respond to higher dosages such as 40 or 60 mg/day, and these dosages are well tolerated. Further prospective clinical studies are needed.

I have no side effects. I am fine. With lower doses and other meds I had side effects, now I don’t. You?


poverty of speech for me is a tough one

I have alogia and thought blocking

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An hour ago I was excited with an idea, I tried to Google it, but i forgot it. My mind was blank. Even now I can’t recall it

it seems the only constructive thing I do regularly is helping others out on this site

Do they persists if you wear earplugs?

nah earplugs don’t help nor does listening to music

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