Help me with a husky trainer

Does anyone have a husky dog? when you train them, he do nothing. give me advice

I have two huskies. They have had thousands of dollars in training but I don’t think it was worth it. They are supposed to be off leash trained but I won’t take them off leash out front. They will still haul butt.

They can sit, stay, down, shake. One of them will play dead and they both will cha cha. That’s where they jump up on you and you grab their front paws and dance with them. You just have to be patient.

Pet Smart has inexpensive classes for that type stuff.

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My sister has a husky. She went through a rebellious phase her first few months, but we just kept up with training and she eventually got it. She is off leash trained and very good with the babies.

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If you can’t afford training lessons, look into clicker training where you teach them to associate the sound of a clicker with “you did good, here’s a snack”. It’s positive reinforcement.
It might take a while at first, it definitely requires patience.


and you let them go for a walk without a leash? It interests me more.

I had a husky dog whom I picked up on the street and I was afraid to let him go from the leash because he was constantly running away.
Now I want to take a puppy and start training with him, but I want him to walk nearby without a leash.

Unless you’re walking them in a forest or an unpopulated area, you should keep them on leashes. Lots of people are scared of unleashed dogs, and you might think you can control your dog, but you’ll never know if something freaks them out and they become agressive, or get into fights with other dogs.

I get really nervous when I see unleashed dogs, especially if the owner walks them on the path to my house that has clear “keep your dogs on a leash” signs some arsehole keeps stealing.

How old are the babies?

One was born two summers ago and one was born this summer.

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Awwww, sweet! 15

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Ive owned mostly Huskies since I was a wee lad. They are very hard to train in part because they are so smart. I love snow dogs, even with their attitude.

We have two now, one is a lazy lump, always has been. Even when he was younger and had all four legs he would just sleep on the couch and strongly protest any excersise. Very unusual for a husky.

My other husky mix is a spit fire. He is slowing down with old age, but he was a firecracker as a pup.

I love huskies. They are runners though, except for the lump I own now, every other husky I’ve owned I would never trust off a leash. Except for one, he took better to training though.

They also have a strong prey drive.

EDIT: I hate using the term “own” for pets, because they are part of the family and I dont feel as though I own them, I’m just in a rush and couldnt think of a better term.


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