Help me to understand if its the meds or my illness, please

I have strange sensations in my brain. Its like i have something in the brain, it always bothers me… I focus a lot on my brain but idk if its some side effect of the med or my illness. For information, these sensation disappears when i take a benzo… So is it my med or its the illness? i guess i could expect everything from an antipsychotic too…


What kind of sensation ? Does it feel like a pressure on the brain? Is it cos you are thinking a lot or when you are stressed? Do you feel it go when you take the benzo?

yes ish, it disappears a bit more when I take a benzo. Its like some kind of thought that I feel my brain. It makes me tired too I find… I dont know how to describe it better. I just have the impression to feel my brain. but if a benzo relieves this maybe its some kind of delusion and not my Zyprexa?


Did you have this sensation before starting zyprexa? Or on other APs maybe?

I dont remember Andrey, that’s the problem…

I think your brain sensations are psychosomatic. If I am right, then you can improve with …

If a benzo relieves it, then it’s probably anxiety.

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I had intense pressure in my brain, ended up being a blood clot. Some medications would reduce the pressure since they acted as anti-inflammatories.

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maybe somatic/tactile hallucinations? I
once I was feeling insects & bugs behind my forehead

Sorry I just saw this post. Please tag me like this @Anna1. I think it may be anxiety or rapid thoughts ? Do you get that ? I’m not a dr but I am saying what I’ve experienced.

yes @anon80629714, probably its some delusional anxiety if the benzo relieves this… I have a strong inner dialogue like you say and he is very dumb… I talk to myself inside my head by a very autistical manner… Do you think that with time it can go away? I pay some efforts, its better than before… without my meds, I literally live in my head with no positive emotions at all…

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I think you need to discuss it I am not sure if I can answer if it will go away. But definitely bring it up. I think we are better judges of our illness however it helps to get an outside perspective from a pdoc.