Help me please!

I’ve had schizoaffective disorder for the last twenty years. I’m having trouble coping with low mood agitation and or anxiety. It’s worse when I’m alone. I’m seeing a psychiatrist and therapist and will be doing DBT. How do I cope with this? Please help!


Have you been like this for twenty years

Hi. I’ve been doing DBT/CBT for the past two years. It’s really helped me a whole lot. Finding the right meds has helped, too. Good luck!

Welcome to the forum! DBT is going to teach you how to cope. Don’t ever miss your DBT so you can get the most out of it. My friend did a year long DBT group and it helped her tremendously.

Hi what meds are you on?? This forum has helped me a great deal. I mean I’ve been diagnosed with sza for 9 years now and I find the support I get here although nothing is ever perfect is one of the best things I can do for myself. The insights you get from
Other people suffering with the same things is a great assistance in general. Especially if you’re persistent with it you can learn some great coping mechanisms. Welcome.

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What meds do you take? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I’d try buspar151515

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I am on Buspar and like it. :owl::owl::owl:

Yes but on geodon and it’s improved.

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Geodon is also good for anxiety in my experience

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If your doctor will prescribe benzos, Lorazepam is good. :microbe::microbe::microbe:


Welcome to the forum! I think an antidepressant in addition to the geodon should help with the anxiety and low mood, or failing that, a benzo. Its a good thing youre doing DBT too, that will help in the meantime while you get your meds sorted

Maybe take a prn (prescribed as needed) and drink a magneseum calming drink, and try to relax.

Remember you are safe and no one can hurt you

Yes but improved and still annoying.

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