Help me please

Recently my now ex fiance broke up with me and I feel she had the whole thing planned for several months she just started to act weird and wasn’t supportive of my mental health anymore so she hit me while we were driving causing me to run out the car having not seen her in a week along with my kids I don’t see she has all my belongings. I feel like she had it out for me am I wrong in thinking this? I already also having a hard time holding myself together and am slowly spiraling out of control. Please help

My sympathies to you, friend. Is there a crisis line you can call? That would be my first advice.


How are you holding up man? where are you staying now?

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Right now I’m on my mum’s couch but this isn’t going to last long and soon will be homeless shelter isn’t going to let me stay long she can never handle my mental health issues.

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i hear you man, im staying with my mom as well, used to be homeless. Things are going to work out, i think its just really stressful and emotional at the moment. Maybe you and your fiance just need some time apart to breathe yea? When i broke up with my X i remember it hurt my heart so much i couldnt breath…partly induced my psychosis, but every relationship is different. She could call you tomorrow realizing she and your kids cant live without you. The seasons are changing maybe shes just going through an emotional phase, give it some time.


Could you get a disability support worker to help you make up a care plan for you?

Help keep your mind on other things too and get some positivity and hope and good practical plans.

I’m staying at my former stepmums place.
She is one of the woman that raised me and has been there for me through thick and thin and helped me out when my parents couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Wish I could help her to not get depressed or cheer her up but I did make a lasagne last week that she enjoyed.

I could never afford to live where I am living if she didn’t let me live with her.
I could have been homeless too.

My x boyfriend and I broke up about two weeks ago.
I miss his kindness and the dogs but have other things and reasons.

What type of help is there where you live?

Does your mum have any ideas?

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Can you go to a group home? That’s better than being homeless

heartbreaks- they do have an end. hang in there and see, pal. it will get better everyday. but you need support any way you can get it. find a support group and maybe keep it from your mum.@Dpaw.

If all you can do is think the worst, the smartest thing you can do is to go in your room, shut the door, get on your knees, and ask for some help.

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From a womans perspective: she probably wasn’t planning it per se. She probably was in a tough spot trying to make such a big decision. It’s hard to come to a big decision like that. Being in deciding mode, she probably distanced herself while she made a decision so she didn’t lead you on or blind side you. She obviously cares enough about you to think about your feelings.

You are very valid to have some very emotional feelings right now. Hurt and fear are completely reasonable feelings to have. I would and have felt the same way.

My best suggestion is to sit down and come up with a plan. First come up with a best case scenario. Second come up with a back up plan. And lastly, come up with an “if all else fails” plan. Looking at it from a plan perspective will calm your mind. Right now it’s possible that you feel like your problems are insurmountable, but you can take back your power with a plan of how to take care of yourself.

Talk about your plans, ask for advice and insight from your mom or another trusted friend. Maybe someone can think of something you haven’t or even provide validation that you have come up with a good plan.

And finally, maybe make an appt with your doc or therapist. This is a big life change and an emotional circumstance. It wouldn’t hurt to keep them in the loop and keep yourself accountable to your own health and well being.

You will come out stronger because of this in the end.

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