Help me out with this question

I am working with my therapist and he wants me to ask the people I know to say how they nurture themselves to help with their mental state. It could be anything you do consistently that helps make you feel good.

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Music, lots and lots of music.
Keeps the voices away, no room for them to show up. And bike riding helps clear the mind.

Also drawing, writing, reading, stuff like that helps.


I honestly suggest getting a pet if you are able to. Dogs and cats have been proven to be therapeutic - My dog helps me cope with my high stress level


Ditto on the music and although i’ve still to replace my last fur baby pets are my other one

I drink a cup of coffee every day. I walk. I rest in my bed to calm the tingling sensation in my muscles. I buy the snacks that I like. I go to work and contribute to the conversations there. I watch YouTube videos in between classes. I think about peoples’ problems on here and I try to help with my posts.

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Ah yes, and coming here can help a bit. Reading success stories and other peoples support truly helps


For me I need to stay involved in the community in some way doing something I enjoy with others I enjoy being around. I enjoy being around animals too or going for a walk on some trails in the woods. Spending time with my niece. Reading these posts and the occasional post of mine even makes me feel better just to get the words out and receive feedback. Feedback from others is important, feeling needed somewhere is important. For me for right now it’s clubhouse but it could be anything really.

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Music , venting to people or on a forum, relating to others with the same illness on a forum, comedy, mindless video games, nature, sitting on the porch and just staring out at the world

I depend on myself instead of a therapist. I’m not saying this to try to hurt you. It’s something I do that has helped my mental state.

Thank you for all the suggestions. I have a cat who is precious to me. I also like to crochet bad read and paint. But according to him theses are hobbies they are not things that you do to nurture yourself per say he is talking more like the post that drinks coffee, goes for a walk and puts his feet up from the tingling and the other post that uses music to block out voices. Thank you everyone.

One thing I don’t do enough of is expelling resentments. When you have a resentment someone is just taking up space inside your head and not paying rent. Holding on to resentments can spoil a lot of things that should be enjoyable.


Crimby how do you do that?

Great philosophy crimby

I could do a better job of practicing what I preach.

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I drink tea from a special china teacup from my collection.
I sit on the porch among my container garden and look at the sun on the tomatoes and lettuce and herbs.
I read/memorize my Bible.
Sometimes if I’m distraught, I will write…either a poem, short story or journal.

I avoid most stimulants such as caffeine and unhealthy/unnatural food. On the other hand, I make sure to eat consistently throughout the day. Instead of 3 larger meals, I stick with around 6 small ones. This stabilizes me mentally. So even if I get a sz thought that will cause trouble, I can choose not to even think about it, or rather think about it later…after the task at hand is done. Also, supplements help. I’d say B12 and Fish Oil with Omegas help more than anything else. I also take Lithium Orotate to balance my thyroid, but I’m hyper-thyroid. It also cuts the edge of anxiety. Over all, lots of leafy greens. The darker, the better. Fish, meat, fruit. All natural stuff without too many grains.

Active chores, Brisk walks, Call a friend.

I’m also for the daily cup or two of coffee and music to drown out the voices when they pop around. Otherwise, getting support here, or from my husband, and taking a hot shower or asking my husband for a back tickle. Or a walk on the beach. Or maybe extra sleep. Sometimes reading is therapy too, either a novel for entertainment, or the Qur’an for spiritual nourishment. I also love pets, but since my budgie died in the beginning of this month, I haven’t gotten a new bird yet. I like stroking the neighbour’s cat :smile:

Exercise (outside is best in the sunlight), sleep enough (or get help for this as it REALLY helps females’ metabolism + patience with the symptoms) and develop healthy food tastes. Then, work on enjoying some luxury you regularly and try to look forward to this ‘reward’…

I take a bath and read.

I’ll paddle out on my board a long way off shore and just listen to the ocean.

If I am feeling amped up and need to burn off some agitation, I’ll go for a swim.

After a stressful day I do like to get out on the water for some night fishing or star gazing. That will usually cheer me up.

I see now that ALL my answer’s have water in them.