Help me detox me

I have been taking antipsychotics since april 2017 and put on invega sustenna since may 2017 i am thinking of quitting college i dont know what to do with my life

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You might need to get on disability, if you haven’t already. Maybe you could do some reading, or keep yourself entertained through electronic means. Books are cheaper. Maybe you could take up a musical instrument.

Detoxing should be supervised by a medical professional. I am in no way qualified to help you through a detox. Wishing you the best.

I understand the problem. You’ve got problems with cognition and motivation that I think will improve in the future so in the mean time you could get on disability pension temporarily.

Reassessing your current workload in time of illness is a good idea. You can always drop a few courses or study part time or return next year etc. A lot of options. And as things get better theres plenty of people resume fulltime studies, but i think it may be dangerous to simply ignore it. If your tire pops during a car journey you pull over and fix your tire, then continue on. Its not really a big deal as you have your whole life to finish your studies.

If you got cancer you would take time off school right? Even if you got the flu. Why not mental illness. There is a ton of progress you can make in mental health and many people with schizophrenia dont even hear voices any more because of their health regime.

With schizophrenia early intervention and treatment is key to lessening its effect in kater years. Treating it early can make the difference between mild or remissioned schizophrenia, or severe decades of torture schizophrenia. So perhaps a few months now of intensive focus on improving mental health would be the best choice.

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