'Help is on way' for people with psychosis

No, I’m talking about the style of your writing. I’m an English major after all. And I happen to have psychosis which makes me have doubts about your identity. (i.e. you write in very similar manner in every post you make, not a bad thing though. I just keep thinking you’re a bot.)

I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say so I’ve been just reading your posts, but yeah…

If you know my original language will read eloquent article
For example, the ideal period of time to treatment the bad side effect of sz by medication : ( A little is beneficial,a lot is harmful )
if the person changes his thoughts every day about specific subject, he will has higher IQ ( we meant ignorance Q)

panoramic202, I feel like you’re trying to own knowledge about this illness, and use that as a sense of deluded grandor please calm down bud.

I’ve seen you on here and several times I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re a little abnormal you feel like you’re playing a part in play, you’re using poetic language, and words with loose associations with spiritualism and it feels like you’re not genuinely talking about this rationally.

I agree that a little psychotic medication can go a long way, outside of crisis intervention I think that a light dose is preferable from what evidence I found in my little research.

Instead of your imaginations
Please,speak about the health condition be called schizophrenia,you can saying anything about it ,and do not fabric a stories about me in order to make an endless bilateral conversation about it instead of the SZ’s truth !
you are just writing English without talking about the actual schizophrenia !

I’m going to be a little rude here, but its necessary for me to understand if you need help and counseling panoramic202.

Are you a native english speaker?

Part of my problem with the way you talk, is that I do not know your origin culturally spiritualism and logic may be more convolutedly intertwined. In the east I assume this is a bigger problem with getting effective treatment.

Please don’t think that I’m attacking you personally. I really don’t mind that you say things I think are weird, lots of people on here are suffering from something that can cause delusions warping part of what you think might be the nature of reality. So spiritualism could be a very seemingly reasonable basis for reasoning out what you believe is happening to yourself, as it may be something you grew up with it would naturally be something almost akin to a religious belief, and you would hold to it quite strongly.

I’ve struggled with delusions so I know that you can doubt the scientific process for understanding reality.

If you want to talking about the mood of Langue disorders which occur through out the higher mental processes ,you can write your data about the symptoms,and i will show you who knows the knowledge which explain the characteristics of things be felt by any person with sz !

Just try !

I’m going to give you time to settle down, someone else confronted you and you may feel like you’re being “dog piled” I don’t want you to be upset.

Communication can have many errors. I need to know that you understand what I said, but that can wait if you’re feeling personally attacked.

Please be well.

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There is no spiritual emitter.

Sorry, that was me, I ate greasy food.


The way of thinking and the single reality of schizophrenia Health Condition.

You are naming the condition (whatever it was) by the term “Delusion”,and in the same time you refuse to acknowledge with the term "schizophrenia as a concept or subject

2-You deal with the symptoms of speech /behavior that the person suffers from or diagnosed by your observations As the product of Delusion

3-The question;
What is the delusion in itself ?
Any event,case,condition or phenomenon that is not actual,unreal concerning the perception of natural observers
Any process that does not occur outwardly in our physical nature or inwardly in our human nature

4- It follows that the Hallucination (the phonemic emitter ) whether it is a phenomenon or process is considering Unreal (Delusion according to your classification)
For a person with hallucination,all bilateral conversation between him and the offensive spiritual emitter Do Not Occur in the inner conscious nature of the person during the waking time in the present of attention

5-You explain it,that the person is in a state of unilaterally conversation with himself,mind,imaginations,thoughts,the bad memories of the past,the harsh and unjust living condition in which he lives,poverty,poor education…etc which make him loss of hope in enjoying life’s pleasures such as good clothing,food,car,private housing,a job,marriage …etc (the ways of life’s pleasures )

You were supposed that,there is a person with ALL the symptoms without the things be called Hallucination !

(Even,if the person have all the symptoms ,he never feels the inner suffering like the person with actual hallucination that make him kill oneself or other whatever his current living conditions- specially in the first weeks of bilateral coexistence with the malicious spiritual emitter

In the case,if you have not real bilateral coexistence with the spiritual emitter ,You can not distinguish between the bad side effect of living conditions (reality ) and the malicious bad side effect of offensive spiritual emitter ( voice sender)

I think panoramic202 is very likely a bot. Sz patients are rarely that verbose and consistent with their deflections. panoramic202 seems to be merely reactively deflecting in a robotic manner rather than engaging in dialog. I don’t think it’s a human.

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I don’t want a bilateral coexistence with the spiritual emitter. Apparently it eats greasy food and sharts a lot. Naaaaaaaasssssty.