'Help is on way' for people with psychosis

The federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHA) recently issued a statement calling cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for psychosis the standard of care for an illness that affects an estimated 5-6 million people in the United States every year. And the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors just published a full report on key recommendations for federal, state, and local governments in scaling up this therapy.


What are the available treatment methods that make you practice your life normally,enjoy with the life’s pleasures ,making you achieve your ambition like all people do,even make them satisfied with your actions ?

How can any of that happen in the presence of chaos and cognitive deficiency with what is essence of the health condition you are coexisting with inside yourself moment by moment most period time of waking ,the main change that results in an irrational disorder (unexpected by all types of theoretical assumptions of science) in the perception of oneself and most things/ daily life events outside the world around you ??

No one of you know the taste of suffering with the coexistence with the supernatural health condition which you call it schizophrenia and considering it as a classical disease or illness !,
It just a written words for imaginary stories

d00d, you’re whack. Go get some meds. Many of us live positive and productive lives with proper medication and therapy including the aforementioned CBT.


Write what you want ,you do not know what schizophrenia is, cause ,effect mechanism,reactions,the mood of personal responses , really you do not know anything from the above at all ,and what arise the lough is that you talking about medication for a supernatural health condition be created from the pure
conscious living Energy you were called it by random term (hallucination) !

if you coexist with the sz condition,just tell us what you feel,see,hear, touch and perceive inside your positive live !

Not all people with sz hallucinate @panoramic202. Just because you have a theory of what is going on doesn’t make it any more relevant nor accurate. Please do not pick fights with other members.

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I see my professional career as a senior insurance broker, wife, daughter, fun hobbies, and interesting life all made possible through modern medical treatment. Life is good.

Even you, you do not know what is,you imagine the schizophrenia theoretically without its the existential cause + functional cause (hallucination )

You put the actual cause (h) inside the refrigerator of forgetting ,then you can went here and there talking at right and left about the sz without account,you talking about all environmental influences ,culture,education …etc to invent a mythological casual relationships with the behaviors of a person with sz

Any human being with schizophrenia in actual reality is a person with hallucination (phonemic emitter ) regardless what you say or think

Your word salad is missing some ranch dressing.


JUST,Talk about your self,tell a story about your feeling with the condition you call it schizophrenia ,the knowledge with sz is good not anything else

I can’t be here forever but please respect others opinions here and perhaps learn what everyone else thinks. If you’ve figured it out the medical world would know by now. It’s not unusual but I’m shutting you down for a night simply with respect to the moderation of the boards.

Be kind to others.


It’s recommended in the UK, but your lucky to get this at all


I keep thinking you are a bot. You keep talking about the same theory over and over again. At this point I’m not even sure if you are an actual human being.

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I tried CBT for a few months, it didn’t do anything for me but if it can help others then good.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

CBT help me with anxiety and depression but it hasn’t helped with my sleep and I have doubts it would help with psychosis, but it would be nice if it did work.

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It does work. It helps you adapt how you react to psychosis. You are able to improve your insight and prevent positive symptoms from winding you up. You can push them back into the corner where they belong. As you learn to ignore your symptoms, they lesson. I will always need my APs, but CBT is why I function on such a low dose. It helped me break the negative feedback loop of my positive symptoms.

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When I hear CBT for psychosis I think about positive symptoms being totally eliminated. What you are describing “winding up” seems more akin to something like anxiety or an emotional reaction to your psychosis, which is what CBT is good for (anxiety, etc…), which is what I said in my original statement.

But as for hearing voices and seeing things that are not there, I have my doubts that CBT will eliminate that.

Increased anxiety leads to increased positive symptoms for me. Descreased anxiety means fewer and sometimes no positive symptoms. CBT also means that the positive symptoms generally don’t bother me as long as my insight is intact. I can remind myself they’re not real and put them on ignore. They become like the annoying music in a department store, you can learn to tune it out.

CBT/therapy and meds are really the bare minimum.

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