Help! I'm thinking about killing myself!

I don’t feel this life is for me. I don’t have nobody that love me and I don’t want to be selfish to my kids but they don’t deserve to live like this. I’m tired of all of these cameras on me, I’m tired of ppl bothering me… I’m just tired of this life.

There’s not much I can do to help beyond sharing that I was once similarly suicidal and turned out to be wrong – I got much better and have lived a good life for the past couple of decades. You can, too.

Please see here for crisis resources:

Please use them!



You said you were on Olanzapine 15mg. And you were going to talk to your doctor about the fact it’s not working very well.

That’s a great idea. You should still do that.

When do you see your psychiatrist again?

Can you get an emergency appointment to see them ?


I have been suicidal before many times and even made attempts. I’m glad now that i’m still here. In the moment it seems like you can’t go on but the truth is you can. You can get help and with the proper meds and maybe therapy you could live a happy life. Please don’t hurt yourself. Contact the crisis line or go to the ER or whatever you need to do to be safe. Please take care of yourself.


I’ve been dealing with these thoughts for 25 years, some similar to yours

you can do it. You can live with it. Turn the damn t.v. off, or leave the house

I’m sure the kids would like to see a movie.


@Candice_Baxter. Your kids love you and need you. I’m sorry you’re feeling so sad right now but things will get better again. Please ask for help. There are many resources out there.


My doctor is on maternity leave and the office is not picking up.

I try but everywhere i go ppl are taunting me.

you could be very wrong about that

they might just do this to everyone, not just you.

Maybe they have a complex. strange, weirdos.

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