Help, I'm going through a hate crime because of my mental illness

I am being stalked and harassed and assaulted with chemicals that are forcing me to resign from jobs, and sleep outside. I have been contacting the FBI and my local district attorney’s office but no one has helped me yet. This has been happening to me since 2013. I believe I am being assaulted and my character is being assassinated because someone wants me dead, and they are trying to make me do someone wrong that will get me killed or put in prison. People know who I am everywhere I go and my character is being assassinated in order to cause this to happen to me.

Are you on meds? You don’t sound like you are?

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It’s impossible to take psychiatric meds when all of your dishes, your clothing, bed and air is being poisoned with chemicals.

The only way the torture will stop is if you take meds. If you don’t take meds you could die. You sound exactly like me when I was becoming very ill. I nearly killed myself.


My friend, honestly, you sound symptomatic. If you are taking medication it may be that it is ineffective. If you aren’t taking medication then being sz will lead you to believe all manner of frightening things. Consider this, and then consider the idea that perhaps you are mistaken in your beliefs. Life is difficult for everyone, but especially difficult for us, Whatever the case, I hope you are well.


They haven’t been successful yet, so don’t you think if they were so all powerfull to destroy you, they would have done it by now?
Why not see if meds makes them retreat? If not what harm have you done to yourself?
Maybe they are destroying you by making you think meds are bad?

If your still breathing you still have a chance to improve.

I doubt you’ll listen since you are unstable, but dude, you’ve GOT to take your meds…you aren’t being poisoned…somebody help this guy.

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this guy is a lady :slight_smile:

Quote from another thread:


  1. Please confirm if you are still taking/using any of these substances: alcohol, Prozac, ephedra and marijuana.
  2. Are you sleeping, eating, and drinking water?

When I was first sick and refused help at first. I thought that my family was trying to kill me. I tasted poison in all my food and drinks. Especially my favorite foods. The tastes went away when I got put on meds.

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yes. I’ve quit my addictions.

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