Help I'm Alive

I am God, Jesus, and the Messiah, the Queen of the Black Castle, and a Harbinger of the Messenger of Death

Are you doing okay? :mouse::mouse::mouse:

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@GrayBear I’m doing so well! I’ve really cracked the code this time

Like, things are coming together and really falling into place

Nothing person in a nothing place = God of the simulation

Recoil and grace = Hannah

You sound a little on the manic side :bird::bird::bird:


When a needle hit an artery, the blood pulsed out and I was told, "See, you are alive. I didn’t realize I had thought I was dead.

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You do sound sort of manic, Smokes.

I may be wrong but from my personal experience,

This is how I was sort of thinking when I was becoming unwell.

Maybe open up to your pdoc if you haven’t already.

Best to double check what’s going on earlier than later

Wishing you well x


@LittleMissSlothy @GrayBear I took some Seroquel as a PRN, hopefully that shuts her up


I feel like I’m caught in a dream that I can’t wake up from. I just want to wake up

My blood is thick with ghosts. If I cut myself now I think it would run black

You guys saying its mania but I also thought I was Jesus, Hitler and Einstein, Dr said its sz and not mania. Makes me wonder if I actually had mania, sza or bipolar. But my thoughts were too illogical/schizophrenic to be mania.

If you don’t get better with prn, go to the hospital, don’t harm yourself.


How are you feeling now? After your PRN? :hatched_chick::hatched_chick::hatched_chick:

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@GrayBear sleepy :sleeping:

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Anti psychotic medication blocks psychic activity

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I feel a similar way.

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@Nomad do you also feel like we’re in a simulation? Like we’re already dead, sleep walking through time?

Well I hope your okay. :turtle::turtle::turtle:

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In very brief moments where I’m not well I’ve though we may be in a sim but not a lasting belief.

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