Help! I need to decide on a house!


I can rent a new house and have to decide in an hour.

I love the house, it is nice and decent, with 3 bedrooms and a large garden. It would be a great improvement from what i have now (small shabby apartment). There is a playground - my son cant play outdoors by himself where i live now. It is near family, city centre, nature and work.

Only issue - i have to keep my job to afford it. Without a job i’d be on a supertight budget. Im not sure if i will get a contract renewal in july. I also dont know if i want to keep on working. It is nice, but very stressful for me.

Im quite sure i cant get a house like this easily again soon.

Any decent advice?

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If you want it, risk it

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There is a technique used in salesmanship and manipulation known as “time sensitivity.” Think of all the advertisements you’ve seen that say “only for a limited time.”

Someone giving you only 1 hour to make up your mind makes me very suspicious that you are being manipulated. Please consider that possibility.



Yeah there’s no such thing as a 1h deadline for renting a house. Whoever told you that is full of ■■■■

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Stay within your budget, don’t over extend yourself. If you feel you can’t afford it don’t rent it, there are other options out there



Thanks all! Sorry, i wasnt clear - I had a bit more time (last few days), but i didnt come to a decision yet. Only posted it lastminute. I cancelled the appointment and will make a new one, because i want to do some more careful budgetting first. I found out i have a right to some extras if i lose work, so with the house and no job i’d have enough to live my daily life, but not to buy a new washing machine if it breaks or go out much. I think ill say no, with a little sadness because i love the house.



Hey, don’t worry about it. The perfect house will come along eventually. Don’t become house poor. My family did that once and we had to move in the end. It’s better to wait and find something that you can comfortably afford.

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I think you are right…it wouldnt feel good to have a nice house but would have worries all the time over money.

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As a rule of thumb: The mortgage (or rent) should not be more than 25% of your net monthly income. As mentioned, you don’t want to be house poor (you can pay your rent, but have very little left over for savings (10%), discretionary spending, and unexpected expenses).



Hmm…thanks. That helps. I lack financial insight. With my current income, my rent would be about 33% of my income. Without a job about 40%. And fixed costs (rent plus energy, water, local taxes, insurances, etc) are high here, all that would be around 75%. That doesnt seem comfortable.

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