Help I have violent urges

Help I have thoughts of violence against my cat. I want to attack it for no reason. Why is this happening to me? I cannot seem to control my brain.

Don’t hurt the cat. Hand yourself into an emergency room for help. the cat is innocent.


I think a lot of us have more violence in our psyches than we care to admit. If you felt violent against a person I might be worried, but against your cat, no, I’m not worried.

If you are having these impulses, best to get treatment right away. Call a local help hotline. Also, suggest adopting the cat out to a home where it is not at risk once the crisis has passed.

Good luck.



Yes, please get professional help now.


Yes, try and give the cat a safe environment. And seek professional help.


That is the nature of the disease at times. Don’t we need to notice, recognize, acknowledge, accept, own and appreciate that for what it just is? If you love and care about that cat (and I’m relatively sure you do because you have demonstrated that here in this post) – as well as have genuine concern for what might happen to your mind if you cross a line your morals and ethics will not allow – isn’t the better move to put yourself in a position where no matter what your mind thinks, your body will be unable to execute it’s will?


I knew this guy in high school that every time he saw a cat he went into a flat out, felinicidal rage. If he was in a car he would punch the accelerator and swerve and try to hit the cat. If he was hunting and had a gun he would try to shoot it. It was his mission in life to stamp out cats. He grew up and turned out okay. He just had this odd quirk when he was young. It might seem cold to say, "Oh well, what’s one less cat in the world?’ but where I live if you went into the emergency room saying you had violent urges against your cat they would ask you if there were any people who you had violent urges towards, and if you didn’t they would send you on your way. I realize your violent urges might be disturbing to you, but I would wait and see if they are persistent, and also see if they graduate to higher life forms. Hopefully it is just a passing phase.

Get the cat to a safe place for now until you get this under control and go see your pdoc asap! You shouldn’t be feeling this way the cat is innocent! You love your cat or else you wouldn’t have gotten it in the first place.

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I recall reading an excerpt from Henry David Thoreau, a committed pacifist. He said one time he was walking on a trail and he saw some animal, a raccoon, I think. He said he felt an impulse to violently kill it. His point was that he did have violent urges; he just controlled them. If you really think you can’t control your violent urges towards your cat maybe you should ask to be committed, but I have a hard time seeing this as an emergency. If you couldn’t control your violent urges towards person, that would be an emergency.

@crimby I wish you wouldn’t keep saying “it’s no big deal if you want to kill or harm your cat”? to me, it is a very big deal.


Maybe it is a big deal if you want to kill your own pet, but I still wouldn’t put it on the same level as wanting to kill a person. I have a cat myself. She loves me because I feed her and scratch her, but I wouldn’t give more than a hundred dollars for her life. A human life, however, is worth so much more than that.

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I agree with @jukebox - Animals are precious - Hurting an Animal or pet is criminal in my book.


You have things the wrong way around :slight_smile: animal life>human life.

Maybe some day they will keep us in zoos.

Thanks guys I have decided to give my cat away to a shelter for her safety and me to avoid being charged.


There is a form of OCD that deals with unwanted intrusive thoughts and impulses. Whenever I am driving over a bridge with someone else in the car, I get the impulse to drive right over the edge, for example. The reason this happens is because of anxieties you have. You worry about doing bad things, then that worry turns to obsession, and it makes you afraid you actually might do one of these things. But people with this condition very rarely act on their impulses, because they are so horrified at the idea of even having them to begin with.

You can read a firsthand account of what it is like here. I don’t know if this is what you are describing, but it might help put your mind at ease if it is. If you are worried about the more disturbing thoughts that can plague your mind, pm me. I have a whole bunch of terrifying things I’ve learned to just dismiss, instead end of focusing on them.


I had no idea that was a symptom of OCD. I have had that all my life, I remember being two years old and horrified at my thoughts. Wow!


I didn’t know either until reading that article. I just thought I was an awful person.


I kept imagining myself sticking my finger into light sockets, jumping off of ledges, things like that. I felt like I had to be extremely vigilant all the time, because if I was thinking about it, I thought might actually do it if I didn’t pay close enough attention. I was super afraid of myself.